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Pema Wangyel
I'm a B.Tech. Civil Engineering student
I'm a B.Tech. Civil Engineering student

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Force of Nature.
Sky getting noisy! I can hear the clouds grumble, Are they angry? I can hear the clouds shout, Are they frustrated? I can hear them talk, Did they come into terms with eachother? I can hear them whisper, Are they back from hybernation? Oh no oh no, They ain...

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FAVORITISM: spell of prejudice
The tendency of liking other
and disliking another, is nothing, but a way of life from time immemorial.
Favoring a certain lot and discriminating another, has how generations’ passed
and how it will pass. Least to blame the ethnicity, the color of one’s ski...

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Ode to my KING
The earth and its might, Shook the world and crumbled hopes, While the world saw chaos, And felt the devastation, I saw hope, For my KING, With his own hand, Debris aside and dust clinging, Built a fort of love, And knitted a fabric of care. The fire and it...

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The then state of mind.
One windy! evening, All alone in a corner, Crisscrossing the tired limbs, And scratching the tainted arms, Sipping over a tar like drink, And chasing flies landing on the brim, Staring at the people walking-by, And swinging sight over vehicle passing-by, As...

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Mobile Photography
1. Panoramic back view of Buddha Dhodenma Statue at Kuenselphodrang.   2. Close up view of Choeth Pai Lhamo, Goddess of offering around the Buddha Dhodenma statue at Kuenselphodrang. 3. Dochula; Pass along Thimphu-Wangdue highway in summer of 2015. 4. Chang...

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The fault in it's star
I don't know, Who planted me here? Neither do i know, Why i was planted here? But all i know, Is that i am not at all treated well. With the droplets of spring, I start blooming flowers, If its not enough for my aesthetic aspects, Bees swam all around, I wi...

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letter to my Father-2
Dear father, How is heaven treating
you? I hope angels there treats you well! It has been so long since my first
letter. By the way, a very warm father’s day wishes and you may consider the
letter as a present.  First thing first,
please accept my sincere a...

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The Introduction of slaughter houses in Bhutan and the criticisms
For quite sometimes, social
media was flooded with public opinions of varying disparity against the
introduction of slaughter houses. The loud echoes of unhappiness against it dwindled
gradually or seemingly decreased, may be, for the government clarified t...

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Why no slaughter houses in Bhutan?
.......Is signing petition and going viral on social, print and online media, the only way to reach the government and prevent the introduction of slaughter houses in the country??? coming soon my views.
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