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I traded in my 2013 Maxx for a Maxx 2 because the battery was no longer lasting a full work day. What a mistake. Lollipop eats battery life like crazy! My 2 year old Maxx held a charge longer. There is also an issue with the screen. When you pinch zoom, say in Google maps, the screen flips out when your fingers get close to each other. I returned one phone and the second one has the same issue. I do love the size, shape and feel of the phone, just wish the battery didn't drain and I can't deal with the screen issue. I am returning and getting the 6P. I don't want anything that has lollipop. 

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I thought this was cute and had to share.

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Nailed It

How I feel almost every second except Friday at 4:56 pm. 

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Meet the electric motorcycle that's now the fastest production bike in the world

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Leitner System: Amazingly Simple Study Method!
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So let's say you're trying to learn Spanish, and you're going to have a big final on it in four months. The most rudimentary way to practice spaced repetition is to put the words you need to learn on note cards with the English on the front and the Spanish on the back (flash cards, basically) and get three boxes (or create three piles, if you don't have any boxes sitting around) marked:

1. Every Day
2. Every Week
3. Once a Month

The labels tell you how often you're going to look at the flash cards. "What?" you say, "I don't got time to be studying this shit every day! Besides, I know I can hold this stuff in my brain longer than that!" Right, you probably can. This method will tell you exactly how long. That's the point: to arrive at the exact bare minimum amount of time you need to study.

"Well, maybe we can make an exception just this time and study for a couple more hours."

So, the first time you study, yes, you drill yourself with all of the flash cards. The ones you get right you promote to the Every Week pile. Ones you get wrong go in the Every Day pile. The next day you try it again, but now you've got a smaller pile. The next day, it will be smaller still. A week later, you'll try the Every Week pile again, and the ones you get right you stuff into the Once a Month pile. You're just filtering this shit right on down the line, giving yourself less and less to do.

A month later, you go through the Once a Month pile to make sure you remember it. The stuff you've forgotten goes into the weekly rotation again. See what you're doing? You're figuring out the exact rate at which this stuff falls out of your brain. Breezing through that monthly box? Great, make it every two months. The spans of time are flexible (conversely, if you have an exam or presentation in two weeks, you can shorten the whole process -- make your three piles Daily, Every Other Day, Every Three Days).
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TEM of T2 Bacteriophage viruses attacking bacterial cells of Escherichia coli.

In the three color-enhanced Transmission Electron Micrograph images, it can be seen virus particles, each with a head and a tail "sitting" on bacterial cells of E.coli. In which genetic material is injected into the bacterium.
As known, bacteriophages can be said to be the parasites of bacterial cells. The virus normally attaches itself to the cell's wall and, using its tail as a syringe, injects its own DNA into the bacterium. The virus DNA then takes over the bacterial cell, forcing it to produce more viruses(orange) as seen in the first image inside the bacterial cell(green).

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▪▪Image credit:
2• Eye Of Science

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