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Gary Dura
Rolling Stones, greyhound racing and family
Rolling Stones, greyhound racing and family


Wow what a goal to tie the score late!

20 minutes to a break. Keep playing well guys

Not a happy result last night. However, I did have some expectations of a letdown with the streak they've been on.

Game on hand. Now go for the shutout

Great start against Montreal! Now finish this!

Nice road won at Anaheim. Way to go Wild!

Able to watch a bit of tonight's game before bed. Darn early wake-up tomorrow. Wild looking pretty good from what I've seen.

Normally I don't get excited about a midseason hockey game. However I'm already pumped for tomorrow's matchup? Go Wild!

I'd call it a successful road trip for the Wild! Good job guys

Eriksson Ek has been a pleasant surprise thus far. I keep forgetting that he's not even in his 20s yet!
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