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Microscope Story Hack

I've been toying with combining Microscope with the collaborative fiction writing. I typed up a few thoughts and have thrown them into a Google Doc. I'd like to know what everyone thinks.

I have enabled commenting on the document.

Armor and Weapons

I'm toying with an idea instead of the weapon and armor ratings from the Extras. For some context, I want to use this in conjunction with stormcallers

Instead of a rating, weapons and armor have aspects that get free invokes each scene. Instead of 1-4 extra shifts it is 1-4 free invokes. If you are a caller you still get the aspect, but forfeit the free the free invokes.

Any pitfalls with this change?

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We continued our quest on Saturday. We only got through one scene of our second challenge, but we were all satisfied with the results.

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My first game.

We only completed one challenge this evening.

We decided to play The Dragon. The setting is a pulpy version of the 1920s with hints of lovecraft.

What quest would you use for a Star Trek style game?

I am speaking specifically of episodes where the problem of the episode requires investigation and a technological solution.

Under normal circumstances, a free invocation cannot be used to resist a compel. It must be a fate point, correct?

Flashbacks as Action

I was thinking about it this morning. What if in narrating your action, you narrated it as something done previously. It shouldn't change the roll any, but it has the effect of reframing past actions.

One thing this would do really good at is helping to emulate stories like Naruto where a whole set of actions is set up, but the set up is not revealed until the payoff. This is a little different in that the set up actually didn't exist until the end, but the effect on the narrative would be the same.

Care would need to be taken to make sure it fits in with the existing narrative. I haven't quite noodled out how to ensure that, yet.
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