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London College of Fashion submission
Hi guys, so for this post I thought I'd do something a little different. I recently got offered a place at London college of fashion to study fashion journalism and I thought I would share with you the piece I submitted. I'm in no bragging - in fact re read...

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Annie Leibovitz inspired work
Annie L eibovitz is
possibly one of my favourite photographers. So it should come as no surprise to
you that when I decided to explore the title 'Romanticism' for my photography
exam project - I immediately thought of her. Although, I found an excuse for us...

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The dreaded TROLLS
In the past, I've
had a tendency to shy away from most forms of social media. Not for the want of
being a hermit but because I was terrified at the thought of being the target
of online trolls. Despite dabbling in the world of blogging, in my eyes,
putting ...

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This is a piece I've been working on for a while because I couldn't find the right tone for the post. I didn't want it to be too sentimental or too vague which is why it's completely changed over 3 times now. It's ranged from being too long, too rambley (not sure if that's technically a word), not on topic to...well not really knowing what it wants to be. So this has been a long 'project' but I finally feel like it's in a place where I can share it with you so I hope it's all been  worth it and you take something from it.

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I've finally got this post up. It's taken awhile because for some reason the pictures wouldn't upload but it's up no and I hope you all like it - if you have fairy lights and you want to change the colours here's how I turned mine bronze/ copper

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For some reason this post got deleted so this is just a re-upload

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