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Clarks “to” Africa

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Prayer Update
To our supporters, Thank you so much for all the well wishes and responses. It means a lot. This
was not in the plan. We have so much more to do here. Jeri's hospitalization
was not how we intended to leave Africa. Our plan to leave involved
establishing a ...

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Please Pray: Jeri is in the Hospital
It was going to be a lovely brief trip back to America with the opportunity to deliver a friend's baby and connect with family and supporters. Even before Jeri really got to see people her Multiple Sclerosis (MS) put her in the hospital. She is currently at...

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March Update from the Clark Family
Welcome to March. If you are reading this and you have not
seen my wife find her on Facebook and seek her out. When you meet her tell her
we miss her in Africa. If you have the time, buy her coffee or a meal. She is
on assignment now to deliver a baby and v...

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As we look forward to 2016 we find ourselves surrounded by
those God sent us to serve. Whether that serving looks like sharing the Bible,
teaching sustainable agriculture, or investing in our neighbors. We aren’t
starting up a Ugandan Shark Tank but sometim...

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November Update from the Clark Family in Africa
        A Month of Thanks Thanksgiving is the most American of holidays. Including our Canadian
brethren to the north, a day set aside to be thankful is unique in this
world. We try to explain Thanksgiving here and it just sounds like we
are grateful for...

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October Update 2015
Six is the Loneliest Number This month’s update will not be about what has passed but about what we are looking forward to. In a couple of weeks Jeri has been invited to deliver a baby in Germany. A client who had a home birth previously is stationed with h...

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They Spent a Million  (shillings)  to Come See Us  They never produced the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire show in Uganda. The millionaire craze that swept the world a few years back (they even made a movie about it) never reached Uganda. Simple fact is being...

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August Update 2015
One Year Ago Last Thursday marked our first year in Uganda. It has been quite the year of milestones. Our first year of foreign service, a year of being totally dependant on God for our finances, and our first year of not owning or driving an automobile. In...

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Monthly Update July 2015
We grew food. We fed people. Can we come home now? The rains have come and gone. The beans have grown, harvested, and prepared in the kitchen. The maize is putting on cobs and will be ready to collect in a week or two. Mission accomplished, are we finished?...

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Sounds Sticky!
For the squeamish around bees (ahem, my best friend),
it’s probably best if you skip this post. The Women of Hope Bible study has a hive in their
possession that is an absolute train wreck. Abandoned for who knows how long,
the bees are aggressive and unacc...
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