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CCR 2016 on TV.

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Following up on an idea of +Николай Верещагин from the CCR 2014 meeting, here is a calculator for Kolmogorov's structure function in the miniaturized case of finite automata.

Usage: enter a binary string x of length at most 12 in the field "String".
Press the "Get automatic structure function..." button.
At the bottom you will then find a graphic of an automaton accepting x,
- having rather few states, and
- accepting rather few other strings of length |x|.

In a sense this automaton is the optimal statistical model for x.

Example: Try x=000001000000.

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The difference between CS and Math conferences.

A few weeks ago the Microarchitecture conference was held in Honolulu. "MICRO-48 will be held at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Set on a 22-acre tropical resort on Waikiki Beach, this lively high-rise hotel is 2.7 miles from downtown Honolulu. Amenities include 20 restaurants and lounges (including an oceanfront steakhouse), a saltwater lagoon, 5 pools, waterslides, a spa, fitness room, business center and meeting space. There's also a kids' activity program, snorkeling and hula dancing lessons."

Next week I'll be talking at the Conference on Computability, Complexity, and Randomness. The housing is on campus at the University of Hawaii. "In Hale Manoa there are cash-based vending machines in case you get hungry. If you anticipate being hungry the night of your arrival you may also consider buying food before leaving the secure area at the airport."

On the other hand, registration is free and housing is much cheaper.

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The logician Bjørn Kjos-Hanssen [1] has been putting a lot of old papers on the arXiv recently [2]: 22 out of his 29 papers there have gone up this month alone. He says on the papers page on his website:

The links are to journal web sites, often behind paywalls. For free downloads go to kjoshanssen_b_1 [2] on arXiv.



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My app on a HTC Thunderbolt. Something is wrong with the autocomplete on that phone.
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