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I've discovered that the art of writing government papers is not so much in saying something new or compelling, but being able to plagarize from multiple sources and rearranging them into saying something that is more or less adequate.

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How come everyone always looks so god damn dapper in the olden days?

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My brother knows me all too well, it seems. 

DogsWillBark: Maybe the US army should produce a gun that shoots gladiuses.
DogsWillBark: So that our enemies can die with honor.

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FO: New Vegas has an easter egg related to a truly terrible piece of internet history, and if not for the FO wiki, I never would have caught it. Clock of Zybourne? Geesh.

"In the olden days (Pershing era) the system used to be very inflexible. Now it's very generous. To be considered at the Colonel promotion board, your only qualification is to be able to convert oxygen to carbon dioxide."

Man, future war systems are so cool. Very soon every soldier will have a uniform that can detect and apply pressure to wounds and automatically detect and counteract nerve agents/toxins; helmet mounted displays with satellite/drone imagery that will coordinate strikes and display mission objectives; personnel carriers with electromagnetic armor; metal exoskeletons to increase strength and endurance; robot surveillance designed to mimic hummingbirds... and a bunch of other weird sci-fi shit. The American Soldier is literally becoming a Space Marine.

Guy: You must play poker, Commander.
Riker: Poker... is that a game of some sort?
Me: Wait, doesn't Riker play poker all the time?
Riker grins
Me: Oh, Riker, you sly dog.

I love this stupid show.
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