You may think I captured this image of a "dragon" in a far off land but in fact it was very close to home. Let me know where you think this is and as always I appreciate feedback on the photo. I'll update the post later today with the story.

Update: First of all, no this is not +Larry Page when he is grumpy.
As many of you pointed out it is in fact a giraffe. And as a few people guessed or deduced the location is
Safari West in Santa Rosa --
This was actually my second time there in a long time. We spent the night in one of their tent cabins and in the morning we took a walk among the animals. It was a bit dreary before the fog burned off (many of you guessed sf for that reason) so I was ambivalent about bothering to lug around the big 28-300 lens. In fact I wasn't very satisfied with the light as I got some giraffe closeups. But as we headed off toward the rhinos I took one last look back, embraced the foreboding atmosphere, and caught this fortuitous pose.

To give credit where it is due +Chris Connelly got the location first followed by +Igor Shevlyakov +David Andersen +Janet Rae-Dupree +Dinesh Nandan +Joe Foos +Tetsu Noguchi +Gabe Norwood +Barry Ross +Ted Martin +Matson Breakey ...

For photo buffs, I like the 28-300 for its versatility but it is heavy. In this shot you can also see some chromatic aberration along the giraffe's neck which is a bit surprising.
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