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IS HERE.....

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Monsanto Admits There’s a Whole Department Dedicated to Discrediting Anti-GMO Experts | NationOfChange

"In a recent article by Natural Society, it was claimed that Dr. William Moar, a Monsanto employee whose job involves giving seminars to persuade people that Monsanto products are safe, has admitted for the first time that the company does, in fact, spend an incredible amount of time and money on discrediting experts who give the corporation bad press."

This story is about so much more than just this. Click to read and share the full article.

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Neil Young Blasts Starbucks for Supporting Monsanto and GMOs in Rock Anthem | EcoWatch 

"Neil Young is most definitely not a “Starbucks lover.” Young released a new anthem last week decrying Starbucks for its alleged support of Monsanto and genetically modified organisms (GMOs)." 

Click to read and share the full article and enjoy the video as well! 

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A call to action
This is a fantastic video (8:28). One which will really make you think about the world in which we live and the impact we are having on the planet and on each other. I encourage everyone to watch and share this short video. You will glad that you did.

I am posting it in all groups of which I am a member, regardless of the type of group because we are all interconnected; and in my opinion, the message is too important not to share.

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He was right 50 years ago..

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