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Christmas Adam
Hello. Just the early hours of Christmas Eve. Christmas break has been a flipping blast and a half I will tell you that much and today was just as awesome. Today was just so relaxing. Started off getting up at 9 which was a little too early for me I must sa...

just sitting in history with THEE kassi falslev. gonna be a great day. 

Just saw a link through my feed that was "hot on google+" is that even possible?

Share your thought.... Wowzas. So much to share so little time. Sitting here with daisy and just hanging out about to have an exec meeting. Woohoo can't wait

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The musical and life
Hello. Writing from the dressing room here at sky view Hugh school. Just chilling here with all my musical buds. Shan, Brooke, izzy, Esbey, sal, Rachel, Jessie, Marisa, holly, Alana, Genevieve, Alana the other one and yep that's about it for right now. The ...

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T-t-Tuesday is the day, and I just wanna say, yay! Wow Tuesday. I thought you were a Wednesday. Definitely not a Wednesday. You are a Tuesday. I wish you were a Wednesday because then tomorrow would be Thursday and then the next day would be Friday and Frid...

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Chicken Pot Pie
It's 12:04 and I am sitting here in my twin sized bed missing my queen sized bed and thinking of how much I love chicken pot pie. I love it so much i even came up with a song expressing my love about it. Dear chicken pot pie, You taste so good, You make me ...

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Slap in the face
Sometimes you just need a figurative slap in the face from someone to wake you up. Slaps in the face suck and they might hurt your feelings but those slaps in the face will help you realize what you need to realize. Also, a slap in the face is usually given...

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It's never too late or too early to remember my life so here goes my post at 1:12 in the morn. I just wanna do it when it's fresh in the knoggan, ya feel me? So after a good long day of being BORED i texted the crew (ell Ben em Nate) and Ben and I decided t...

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Good Day Friday
Do you ever have those days where you are like "wow-- good day!" Because you feel so happy that you had a good day? Yeah that was yesterday. Friday. Always a good day. But always a day of high expectation that is hard to be met. And I shouldn't put so much ...
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