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Chris Crump

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The new boot animation is almost finished. Just a few more touches and we have our new official boot animation. I'm pretty great at design but working with animations aren't my strong suite. But I've done my best and I must say, its looking really good.

Don't worry it ain't some JB/KitKat crap. Its all material and beautiful 😭💯
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Come on now I can not stand ..🤗😂😂
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Chris Crump

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3.6 will not ship with root

The issue is, although root can be disabled, it still conflicts with applications that use root detection methods. This breaks UX and a lot of people don't prefer root at all. This gives users a choice in whether they wish to flash SuperSU (and others) or not.

Until a stealth embedded root tool becomes available, this is the route we will be taking starting with 3.6.
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Wait 3.6 official, I am on 3.6 unofficial, seem tweak not fully implemented. Hope official release will fully implemented as 3.5.1 have and more to come 
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Chris Crump

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You are all welcome to sync and compile personal builds of CypherOS 3.6, stay tuned for the official release
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Hi +Chris Crump Tried a freshy sync and build, but the build fails during building the kernel modules..

/home/antoin/cypherOS/kernel/lge/msm8992/scripts/Makefile.fwinst:45: target `../../system/lib/firmware/sic/p1/L0L55P1_1_11.img' given more than once in the same rule.
/home/antoin/cypherOS/kernel/lge/msm8992/scripts/Makefile.fwinst:45: target `../../system/lib/firmware/sic/p1/p1_limit.txt' given more than once in the same rule.
/home/antoin/cypherOS/kernel/lge/msm8992/scripts/Makefile.fwinst:45: target `../../system/lib/firmware/sic/p1/p1_limit_mfts_curved.txt' given more than once in the same rule.
/home/antoin/cypherOS/kernel/lge/msm8992/scripts/Makefile.fwinst:45: target `../../system/lib/firmware/sic/p1/p1_limit_mfts_flat.txt' given more than once in the same rule.
/home/antoin/cypherOS/kernel/lge/msm8992/scripts/Makefile.fwinst:45: target `../../system/lib/firmware/sic/p1/p1_limit_mfts_folder.txt' given more than once in the same rule.
  DEPMOD  3.10.84-aoscp-cio-g1dbe5d8
make: Leaving directory `/home/antoin/cypherOS/kernel/lge/msm8992'
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Chris Crump

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Just a heads up

We've taken notice of all the bug reports provided from the current 3.5.1 update. We're currently redoing CypherOS from scratch to properly address any overlooked code and broken features. Were also taking this time to remove ALL CM/LineageOS dependencies and exclusive features.

We were successful in establishing a full fledged AOSP base without the inclusions of CMSDK, CMHardware, and all of CMs services. Per testing, this has taken a great toll on performance and battery life. After 3 days of running our new base, there's been a 40% performance increase and battery life last for about 2 hours longer. This is no disrespect to the Lineage Team at all. We love their work and the services they include, but we wish not to include them in CypherOS any longer. Our code base was also a bit sloppy due to previous attempts at removing CM dependencies, so starting from scratch provides a clean base and a better view at addressing issues we may run into the future.

What does this mean for CypherOS?

It means you'll have the same experience as before but with better performance and less issues. Were about 75% done, and only CypherOS exclusive additions need to be reimplemented. Once that's done an update will be released. We expect, this to occur by the end of next week, but no confirmation is being presented from our side.

For now you can track progress and help speed up development on our nougat-mr1 and nougat-mr1-dev branches. These are not on gerrit as of yet, until everything us caught backup. For translators, your translations will be properly migrated over by us, so no need to redo them.

Theme Engine

The vote count doesn't lie. We'll be going with Substratum/OMS from now on. To ensure Subs is working properly, we will be merging OMS on separate nougat-mr1-oms branches. This is a big move for the team and we're pleased to be apart of Substratum development and its community.

- CypherOS Team
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+Vini Lima Leia isso
 ·  Translate
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Chris Crump

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I've never missed the sunshine so much. Wiping that dreadful snow out day by day. Its so beautiful 😍
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+Arron Williams there was no need to post this twice. Check your other post 😑
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Chris Crump

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LOL I rest my case
Hi, my name is Alex Cruz. In the online Android community I am known as Mazda.
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+Bret Zamzow​​ Because nothing you say make sense. Its not worth me even speaking on. Reading your "books" generates more confusion to the situation than anything else. Even then you're saying I'm avoiding your null statements, but you have yet to spew something logical about this current situation, instead you bring up the GPL "violations" but then claim I'm referring to the past. From here, it looks like that's your doing sir. On another note did you really try to reference the urban dictionary to a black guy? 😂😂 lmfao!

I can tell you're a little misinformed about our history with Alex since the GPL fiasco is the only thing you can speak on. It goes further back then that buddy. I called no one assholes for talking about it, I called Alex an asshole for trashing our work for it. Using any situation to retain relevancy. Oh he's a man that can come to any man and talk about it? But he didn't though 🐸☕ he never has in anyone of our disputes, instead his page was his diary and the funny part about it, even you're even here defending this "man". Speaking for him like a cheap public defender, with his left nut in your mouth.

If you followed me solely to make sure you're not being targeted, you do JUST that. This post doesn't target you nor does it reference you, so your involvement shouldn't matter. Even then you never responded to why he preaches so much about donations and how people are scum for promoting them, but his buddy does this, actually several of them do. Either that's a contradiction in some form or simply shade being thrown towards his own friends.

I called your code a kang, because I didn't know it was your code. We've been through this already. I apologized and that should've been it. There's literally no reason for you to be here right now. Like why are you here? 🤔

You're constantly saying I'm this type of person, but look at our community. Its growing every single day. If people didn't agree with what I had to say, my followers wouldn't have grown either.

I don't need to have "interviews" to say what I want to say. I clearly speak it here. No one is talking behind anyone's back, I'm not about that shit bro, if Alex didn't have me blocked like a little girl, I would've tag him in every post that had some sort of relation to him. Even my last post about DU, he was directly tagged by a team member, not out of disrepect but to let him know from the horses mouth. This little bitch shit that you all may do in this community, is not something I associate myself with. I even gave DU a fair chance and flashed it last night just to be fair. It was my first and last time and that's all I have to say about it.

If there's anything else you would like to say regarding the issue in the post, go ahead. Otherwise, there's nothing left for you to say here bud. Get back on your Unicorn and fly away.

Chris Crump

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Our OTA system is simple and beautiful. We make use of Googles new UI layouts. There's no reason to over complicate something as simple as receiving an update 😉

OTAs will be in full affect starting with the 3.5.1 update beginning its initial rollout.

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+Chris Crump​ see this in surnia 3.5.1 update I think the well be fix after new update and VoLTE also
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Chris Crump

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What a good read 😂😂
Alex Cruz, popularly known as ‘mazda’ is a man with SO much knowledge, that concluding the interview and steering it in one single direction, that is, the title of this very post was tough. Not only has he headed various projects over time, he is also a very significant member of the Android Community and … Continue reading "Custom ROMs : The Past, Present, Future ft. Alex Cruz (Mazda)"
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Chris Crump

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I've drawn out so many concepts for new features. I feel like it's time to put some actions behind them. And no, they're not pointless switches and color changers. I wanna do something big, innovative 💭
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+Josh Dodge 😂😂😂😂
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Chris Crump

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+Chris Crump Hello ! i made a full translation into Russian language. Whom to contact and how to add a translation in the official assembly. Thank you for a wonderful firmware!
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Chris Crump

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Showing some DU love 👋😘
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Chris Crump

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T-Mobile hates me..
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I like how you have the 2.0GB data warning....! LOL!

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