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Are the three classes in Blue Rose the same as the Fantasy AGE classes just with different names? Just a little unclear as it seems different from Titansgrave which is just a supplement to run with FAGE.

One character converted for my now Fantasy AGE game now three more to go. It's interesting to do conversions to an incomplete seeing and making it up on the fly. 😂 #fantasyAGE
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Has anyone seen any tidbits about the Modern AGE system lately? I haven't seen anything since Green Ronin mentioned it in their news. I'm working on a conversion of Shadowrun to AGE and curious about how they're thinking of weapons.

You or your players ever loved it really enjoyed a setting but really didn't enjoy the system cause it was too chunky, confusing, etc?

What would you do? Tough it out, hack it, swap out for a new system but keep the characters and setting?

That fun moment when you're excited about running tonight but have no clue what you're going to do with the story after the battle finishes 😰

Thinking of trying my hand at running a game again. It's been ages though. I think I'm going to go with an urban fantasy setting to give the players something new. In trying to decide between nWoD and Dresden Files. I've run the storyteller system before but only one or twice. Haven't even played Dresden let alone run it before but wanted to see what others thought or if there might be another option.

Input is appreciated!

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This is pretty funny but I also have to admit that fandom/geekdom/etc actually come with different levels with separate classes like otaku and trekkie. So in effect I'm saying that being a fan is akin to Dungeons & Dragons with choosing a class and then leveling up......
Perhaps I have our debate from last year resolved, Dr. +Jeff Allen The differences between Geeks & Nerds. Do you agree? via
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Makapuu hike
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Dear Google,

Please make it so I can move you Google music and Google+ Android apps to my SD card.

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