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I want to sale a house in Rawalpindi, did you have any network in Rawalpindi Adyala road area?

Hi members, please introduce your self in this community, this help us to find right person

For all members, please post your introductions

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Self Esteem Issues

What is self-esteem? Self-esteem can simply be defined as one’s emotional opinion of oneself or evaluation of one’s self worth.

If you have low self-esteem you see hatred, flaws and failures. Low self-esteem stems from setting standards for yourself that you are unable to meet, thus leading to a lack of self-worth. People with low self-esteem fail to see that in order to stay healthy, they have to balance expectations and reality.

Conversely, if you have high self-esteem, you have healthy self-acceptance, resiliency, and engage in more positive self-talk. People with high self-esteem have an inner peace that helps them to accept and feel content with who they are, rather than feeling the need to conform to unrealistic expectations.

Where do self-esteem struggles come from? Clinical Psychologist Celeste Gertsen believes that “Low self-esteem can come from problems in the family and society (such as poverty or discrimination)”. It is also suggested that external factors such as weight, appearance and the environment can affect your self-esteem. For example, a teenage girl will have a lower self-esteem than a woman, as at her age she is adjusting to changes in her appearance that can make her feel that she does not meet society’s harsh expectations and beauty ideals (acne, weight gain etc.) Moreover, growing up in a negative environment can have a detrimental impact on your self-esteem.

Can low self-esteem be improved? Yes. Think of yourself and your self-esteem as a flower; the more you feed it love and acceptance, the more it will grow. If you are feeling down about yourself and doubt your self-worth, take up a hobby to occupy yourself, and engage in positive self talk. Over time, your negative thoughts will weaken as you recognize your talents, skills and abilities – all reflective of self-worth.

Written by Dara Rashwan
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Locating, Changing Backup Location, & Removing Duplicate Songs in iTunes Windows 10

1. How Do I Locate iTunes Library

I. Go to your Desktop, and select the Start Menu. A menu will open, select My Computer, and a Window will open. Select This PC or File Explorer from the options present.
II. Double Click on the C Drive, and then open the folder named “Users”.
III. Here you will find a folder having your username on it. Double click it.
IV. My Music Folder will appear, open it and voila! You have located your iTunes folder. 

2. How Do I Choose an Alternate Backup Location   

1. Choose the drive you want to make the backup at, and then double click on it. Right click on your mouse, create a new folder and rename it, for e.g. “Backup”. 
2. Now simultaneously press the Windows and R keys. A box will appear, write “cmd” in it and press enter.
3. A Command Prompt will be launched once you have completed the above step. Type in the command mentioned below:
mklink /J “%APPDATA%\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup” “D:\Backup”

(“D:\Backup”, this shows the drive in which you have created the folder. If you have chosen Drive E or G, then write “E:\Backup”, or ”G:\Backup”. This refers to the location where you want to create the backup and in which folder.)
4. To test if the above mentioned step is complete, delete your previously made backup folder. Then connect your PC with your apple device and check. You will see that the folder you have specified will contain the backup of iTunes.

3. How Do I Remove iTunes File Duplicates in Windows 10

There are two types of duplicate files in iTunes. 

1. Same song being repeated two or more times
2. Files those are similar in size, duration, names, or albums. 

In Windows 10, you can get rid of these duplicates with ease and delete them. However, the tricky part is to segregate and label the duplicates. You can place music tags on them, but this action calls for some important steps, which are outlined below. 
I. Open iTunes
II. Go to the Music Tab and select it. Click on the “Library” button.
III. Select the Playlist tab, and click on the “Name” column. This will arrange all songs in Alphabetical order. 
IV. Now select View tab and click the “Show All Duplicate Items,” option.
V. A list of all duplicate items will appear on your screen. You can now review them manually and remove them. 

However, if you have an extensive music collection, then the last step may not be practical for you. In such case, you can use Clone Files Checker iTunes Duplicate Finder software ( to locate and delete duplicate files for you. All you have to do is specify the settings in this software, and voila, your duplicates will be removed from iTunes in the blink of an eye. 
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The Pittsburgh Marriot City Center is near most popular establishments in downtown Pittsburgh. The venue has a total of 16 event rooms that are ideal for corporate and business meetings. Large corporations will be able to hold large business meetings with up to 940 attendees....
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How to Manage Depression Disorder, Have a look!
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