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August Samuel Evrard
I write, run the NaNoPals blog, and do voices while working one of those day job things.
I write, run the NaNoPals blog, and do voices while working one of those day job things.

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Decidedly Un-Elite
::Incoming Transmission. WARNING: Emotional Ramble Detected. Proceed at your own risk:: This is going to be something. Sorry ahead of time. If you don't follow Ta-Nehesi Coates on Twitter, you are on the wrong life trajectory. It is a simple correction. Her...

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Un-German Potato Salad
Hello! Maybe I will write down one of these recipes ahead of time before saying Oh I'll send you My Recipe Because I Totally Write Them Down and Do Them The Same Every Time. Totally. I used to hate potato salad. I think a lot of people do! At its worst, its...

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Tomato BBQ Sauce + Martian Dust
This unit has received a request for a BBQ sauce recipe. In advance of other such requests, I am posting the entire recipe here. THERE WILL BE NO PICTURES. Pictures are unnecessary and only for you to gaggle and drool. DROOLING IS FORBIDDEN. Until you start...

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Calling yourself "Black" is cultural appropriation
Everyone heard of Rachel Dolezal? If not, here's a recent interview with her that points out all the things I'm about to rant on. Good? Good. This lady has problems. Like, I wanna be a hot brown arabic princess with wizard powers, but I don't identify as on...

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Mad Max: Fury Road: A review
I want tell you about a movie. There's a lot of movies coming out right now, and going to come out, and some of them are quite good (Looking at you, ex Machina). Others are just further iterations, rebootequels like, well, just about everything, or weird ar...

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A Teaser
Hello everyone! Just dropping by the blog to leave this little teaser here: It's the prelude to my novel Leylined. I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to share. (HINT HINT KNUDGE KNUDGE KNOW WHAT I MEAN EH EH? SAY NO MORE SAY NO MORE) PRELUDE “Brothers! Sist...

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Why I Write About Brown Elves
A few weeks ago, an author I respect (who is a shade of brown, not pure bleached white like my almost-aryan ass) said something like this: "I don't like brown elves." That was explained by a belief that tradition is important, and her European ancestry was ...

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Camp Nanowrimo! Newbie's Guide/Motivation for all!
Camp! Camp starts tomorrow! No, not the kind you end up getting lots of rashes from (I hope). It's the kind where you get together with some people, prance about like you have laser eyes, and make a lot of beautiful stories! Or ugly ones, you know, it's all...

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Godzilla, my Godzilla
I wrote a first draft of this Godzilla movie review, and you know, it didn't do it for me. The review, that is. The movie as well -- I'll spoil that one for you. But there's more going on than the simple "Godzilla movies are generally pretty bad, so this on...

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X-Men: Days of Future Past
I saw the new X-men movie last night. And I will give you my two cents up front: It was awesome. The futures were dayed in the past and the days were past in the futures. I think some pasts even futured the days. There was a lot of future past days. If any ...
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