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President & Owner of Motor Service Marketing


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Honda repair, service and maintenance for St. Paul, Roseville, Falcon Heights, Lauderdale, Maplewood and Como Minnesota, MN.

For 30 years Minnesota Repair has been serving your friends and neighbors with the finest Honda service available. All at prices lower than the dealership, with no loss in quality.

You get a full 24 month, 24,000  miles warranty on parts and labor. That is twice the usual warranty, even at the dealerships. These guys are really confident about their auto repair service.

Chris Sicora and Jack Carrick are the owners of Minnesota Repair. You won't find nicer bunch of guys and more neighborly service anywhere. And yes, they fix your car right the first time - on time.

The next time your Honda needs an oil change, why not take it to Minnesota Repair? Find out what it's like to be one of their satisfied customers. You'll notice the difference with your very first visit.

Why don't you call right now for your Honda Oil Change appointment? 651-487-3358

Click here for the Minnesota Repair Web Site:
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Honda oil change Vancouver WA. Honda Owners. The next time your Honda needs an oil change why not give Ron's Automotive (with 2 locations in Vancouver) a try. He is a well loved client of ours. An expert at Honda repair, service and maintenance that you will quickly come to depend on. At prices below the dealership.

Ron gives a full 5 year, 50,000 mile warranty!!!!! That is 5 times the normal warranty. Even most dealerships give only a 12/12 warranty. Now this is a Honda repair shop that is really confident about their service. And has your back well covered.

Two locations. One in Cascade Park - The Other in Hazel Dell.

Click here for maps, directions and phone numbers.

They're waiting for your call right now...
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Auto repair marketing direct mail that delivers high income fine car owners only. Are you ready to increase your income instead of just your unsorted car count.

One-Size-Fits-All carrier route saturation direct mail marketing methods may be cheap but - everyone is doing it - because it is cheap. And you wonder why all your shops look alike? And you can't seem to pull ahead of your competition.

There are some 7 things wrong with most auto repair direct mail marketing - when you use the lowest cost-per-card-mailed companies. Find out what they are. Call Motor Service Marketing today. 30 years of fine tuning auto repair direct mail marketing - to increase your income. Not just your unsorted car count. 800-428-0286

BELOW: Find out how 40,000 Ad-Cards, sent out at 500 cards per week over 18 months brought in $180,000 of new business for a client in Madison Mississippi. And built up his customer base. This also allowed him to -kick out the back wall and double the size of his shop, remodeling it as nice as any dealership.
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Honda repair, service and maintenance for Omaha, Millard, Elkhorn, Chalco and even the Boys Town area of Nebraska.

Exclusive Honda and Acura repair, service and maintenance from John Slinkard, NASA Midwest Honda race car driver. 2007 TTB National Champion. 5 time track record holder.

But all he wants to do is make sure your family or personal Honda or Acura is running like new. He works the desk personally at Omaha Japanese Auto Repair. 4413 South 134th Street, Omaha, NE 68137
(402) 330-3571. Web Site -

All ASE Certified MASTER Technician. The top 7% of qualified mechanics in the nation. Completely qualified and yet prices lower than the dealership. They are good friends and will serve you well.

Find out more about John's racing accomplishments here:
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Auto Repair Marketing direct mail will not make you any serious income unless you meet 7 critical criteria. Most auto repair marketing direct mail will never generate enough income because these 7 basic reasons are missed (or not even known or understood). Here they are:

1) The Wrong Image.
2) The wrong appeal.
3) The wrong mailing list.
4) Targeting the wrong customer.
5) A poor to downright lousy postcard design.
6) Not enough repetition.
7) Using an auto repair direct mail marketing company that does not give you exclusivity. In other words - they are sending out cards for your direct competitors to the same houses they are sending yours.

SEE HOW 40,000 AUTO SERVICE MARKETING POSTCARDS - for one repair shop in Mississippi, being sent out at 500 cards per week over 18 months, brought in $180,000 IN NEW BUSINESS. And - built up their customer base. Click Below:

Check out these short videos from long time clients:

Jeff Kranitz - 10 year client, European Auto Service Boca Raton - 3 shops.
Auto Repair Marketing, DMV Auto Service Direct Mail Mailing List

Steve Louden - 18 year client. Dallas Texas.
Auto Repair Marketing Ad-Card Direct Mail by Motor Service Marketing

11 more short Steve Louden Videos Here:
Steve was a founding member of the Automotive Management Network and talks about it in one of the ASA videos.

While you are at, you can also read this free book with 30 years of experience on each page: "The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service." It is free with no sign-up. (The only reason for a sign-up for a "FREE" book is so a salesman can bug you.) My simple belief is - if you like it, you will call me. If you don't, you won't. And that saves us both time.

You can reach me at 800-428-0286 if you would like a free market analysis and counts for cars by make and year. We use the DMV mailing list in 22 states and the best compiled mailing list in the other 28 states. (We know it is the best based on testing against the DMV List.)

Zed Daniels President
Call me or my son Wes right now to get your toughest questions answered.

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National Champion Honda Race Car Driver Does Top Notch Honda Auto Service, Maintenance and Repair In Omaha and Millard Nebraska.

I have a good friend and longtime client in Omaha Nebraska who is a Champion Honda Race Car Driver. He started racing in 1988 and holds several National Championships and Track records all over the country. His name is John Slinkard. His business is Honda and Acura repair and has been performing Honda service, maintenance and repair on his favorite vehicles (Honda of course) for the last 22 years.

If you own a Honda and would like to see (just for fun) what John has accomplished as a Honda race car driver click on the link below. 
John holds some impressive titles and a few track records across the country.

If you would like to find out how you can have your fine Honda or Acura automobile serviced or repaired by John’s company, click here:

The name of John's shop is – Omaha Japanese Auto Repair. He services nothing but Honda and Acura automobiles only. John has all ASE Certified Master Technicians, the top 7% in the industry, so you know they are doing it right.

He also has all the Honda and Acura Factory Diagnostic Equipment and tools to make sure everything they are doing is right on target.

If you live in Omaha, Millard, Chalco, Elkhorn NE or even the Boys Town area, Omaha Japanese Auto Repair is not far away. And well worth the drive for the expert, neighborly Honda service you will find. Not to mention the lower prices and less hassles than the dealership. 

Or you can call this number for an appointment. 
John’s shop phone number is 402-330-3571
His web site (that we did for him) is:

You'll Love These Guys!!
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