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Over the weekend, upon turning the clocks back, Dr. Mary was so happy to have more beautiful sunlight in the morning but also felt so tired so early in the evening that she was sure it was 10pm when it was 7pm. She is probably not the only one who feels this way so, she decided to put together a few tips on how we can adjust to falling back into Standard Time – we hope they help!


Acupuncture - In December we will be test driving a new model of acupuncture services called Community
Acupuncture. In this model, Dr. Mary will treat multiple people at staggered times in the same room. This allows her to decrease the charge per person and provide a nice relaxing atmosphere to enjoy acupuncture. If this runs smoothly in December, we are going to make it a more consistent part of practice. Stay posted for updates!

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March is Nutrition Month! Many of my patients have concerns regarding organic foods - how do we know if these are indeed healthier? Is this just a marketing gimmick? Is it worth it to spend the extra money on organic options?
Check out Dr. Mary MacDonald's most recent post and Monthly Newsletter -

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It's true; Rhonda starts October 14.  Come in that day to celebrate World Standards Day with a Massage.

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#Acupuncture done here!  +Balanced Body Active Health Centre !!
With so many providers to choose from:  our #chiropractor   , our #naturopath , our #RMT .

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Joint Health: 6 Tips to Keep You Moving!
By Dr. Crystal Draper. BAS, DC

Joints form the connection between bones. Most joints are mobile, allowing the bones to move, and allowing us to move. However, with damage or injury, they can be what slows us down and stiffens us up.

Click here for 6 tips on how to keep your joints healthy and you moving!

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