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Nerd, Metal head, and Reading Enthusiast

I played pandemic for the first time last night. In the first game we lost on the  first round of turns by running out of black cubes. In the second game we thought we were going to win as we had everything cured and blue eradicated and then ran out of player cards. All in all very depressing, and i cant wait to try to beat that infernal game again. 

So i just finished running a session in my homebrew campaign. The party was hired to check in on an aging Gnomish Wizard who has a research grant from the the Empire. His specialty is Constructs and he had created some golems that he can assume direct control of via amulets to craft other Golems.
Upon arriving at the tower the discovered that he had died of old age and thus were supposed to gather his notes on golem crafting if he had died. While searching for his notes the party has stumbled upon these special golems and the party has gotten it in their head to take them and sell/use them. While i thought i had schemed enough to make it so that the players couldnt get them out of the basement labs, that seems not to be the case as they are being exceptionally clever.
It looks like my now 4th level adventurers will soon come into a couple of hundred thousand gold. So while i dont think i can stop them without being a complete dick about it i think i am going to have the campaign move into a more politically focused campaign. We shall see how this goes.

Hey all, I'm working on a homebrew campaign and i would like to be able to create a digital world map that i could share with my players. Do any of you other GM's  have a suggestion for a good free map making program or site? Thanks in advance.
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