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Hello... you should use this more often.
I really should. I just always forget about it.
New life has been added today with the creation of pages too.
which is why I came to poke around :)
Yep. I'm making circles for pages.
You don't have to create brand circles and you don't have to add a single page to any of your circles.

I think people will only be sharing their own pages for the most part. Should no one share links, either? You could use the same argument. People share links because they think their circles might also be interested. People will share pages for the same reason.

But I really don't see people sharing a million pages. They will add the ones they want to their circles and move on. Why in anyone's right mind would they share all the brands they follow?

"Here's a link to Pepsi!"
"Check out Gap's page!"
"Oh, I also like McDonalds!"
"Oh, oh, oh! Can't forget about Nike!"
"And, of course, here's Nikon."
"Check out Jansport's page."

I just don't see it happening. And if someone does get that annoying, I'd just remove them.
Yeah, I think so. So when you say sharing a brand, you mean sharing a brand's post, I thought you meant sharing the actual page. This is where Google will have to learn to consolidate it like Facebook, so that if more than one person shares the same thing, it only shows it once and lists who shared it.

Is this not a problem with sharing posts made by other people? If I post a picture and Jeremy, Rene, and Phil all share it, won't you see it 4 times?
I am totally original and interesting, thank you. 
That's something Google needs to fix. Hopefully with the sharing of brand posts, it will be even more clear that they need to do something about it.

I'm super picky about who's in my circles too. I need to seriously clean up my Twitter.
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