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Oh hai Google+ for iPad! You look cool, but your scrolling sucks something terrible. 

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Only a few more days left of mayhem! I'm now on Thanksgiving break from one school, and my class from the other school takes their final on Tuesday. Then life will calm down a bit. These past 10 weeks have been stupid busy and crazy.

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I hope ya'll are ready for Baby Lofte #2!

My number one piece of advice for doing math work is to ask yourself if the answer makes sense. For example, consider the following question:

Kanye wants to save $14000 in 8 years by making monthly payments into an ordinary annuity for a down payment on a condo at the shore. If the annuity pays an annual interest rate of 8.4%, what will his monthly payment be?

If your answer is $1.48, you should know that something went wrong.

+Jeremy Sikora is totally original and interesting.

Grading exams. It's kind of depressing. The first page was my "freebee" page with 25 points (out of 100) of easy questions. Two minutes of studying is all that was needed to pass that page. Well, most students got 15-25 points wrong. This was actually the first time I got angry when grading.

There seems to be a lot of discussion on whether or not photographers should make a Google+ page. The argument being that a photographer's brand is him or her, the person, and so they should use their personal profile for photography as well.

This is an excellent point, and I agree, to an extent. It depends on the photographer and how you use Google+.

Many photographers are already using their Google+ profile like a photography page. They primarily only post about photography and share all their work on their profile. I don't think these people should create a separate page. What would be the point? You don't want your profile and page to consist of the exact same content.

But then there's the photographers who share much more than photography on their profile. They share a lot personal stuff, including snapshots of their family, and links about things unrelated to photography. For example, if I actually used Google+, my content would look like a mix of my personal life, photography, and my interests in iPhone, iPad, and tech. These are the people who should make separate page.

The goal would be for potential (and past) clients to follow you, right? Well, clients aren't gong to give a crap if I post link announcing the release date of the next iPad. They don't want to hear about how I caught a student cheating in class, today. And they certainly don't care about a snapshot a took of my Angry Birds stuffed animal. No, clients want to see my work. Yes, expressing personality is extremely important when building a photography brand, but it should be selective. A random rant about how much you hate Obama is not going to be a turn on for clients.

Likewise, most of my followers are following me for iPhone and iPad related things and could care less about my photos of newborns they don't know. Others may enjoy it, and want to follow my work. They are the ones who will +1 my photography page.

So, regarding the Google+ photography debate, I say it depends on the photographer and how they use Google+.

Personally, I will be creating a separate Google+ page for photography. I will still occasionally share some of my work on my profile (ya know, providing that I actually start using Google+, lol), but most of it will be on my page. I will periodically share my page to my profile, and those who are interested will add it to their circles. Those who aren't, won't, and that's fine by me.
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