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Maybe someone can answer this for me.  Why doesn't the read/write bandwidth of spinning disk hard drives increase with areal density?

Originally I thought that the bandwidth was limited by the speed of the drive head moving over the platter.  But if that's the case, since we're packing more data in a smaller area, we should have like 1GB/s hard drives by this point in time, and a 1TB drive should be 4 times slower than a 4TB drive.  What's going on?

My only guess is that as drives get denser, they're shrinking the width of the stripe that gets written down, but not the length.  As a result, you still have to spin past the same distance on the drive to read your data.
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We used to have the Onion (America’s Finest News Source) available for free here in New York, in those little weekly newspaper boxes you see lying around. After the hurricane last year, the supply seems to have dried up. This was a sad event. Not only did I get high quality journalism from the paper, they also had a very nice crossword puzzle for lazy Saturday mornings.

Enterprising individuals have begun reusing the boxes for temporary clothing storage, and some of them have been commandeered for other, not as interesting papers. (New York real estate is valuable, after all).

I don’t often check their website, as it adds to the already crippling amount of distraction that I experience in a day, but this article caught my eye. As a person who finds comfort in the knowledge that the universe will eventually empty out into a cold cinder, I can’t help but approve when others notice the same.
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