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Cute tiger cub in the.....!!!!:-:-:-*
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Advocating for Animals ~ Amazing wildlife photos ...and cute cats and dogs! :-)
#animals   #animallovers   #animalrescue   #adorableanimals  
Dedicated To Rescuing and Protecting Animals Worldwide
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Surfing Backflip!
What say you now, bodyboarding!
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Animated Infographic: The human body: Muscle edition!
#biology   #infographic   #muscles  
An animated guide to the human body : The muscle edition

From Eleanor Lutz

Eleanor Lutz is a designer in Seattle and she has a Bachelor's in molecular biology from the University of Washington.

Read more>>

I love her infographics. This infographic GIF is a 25-frame stop motion animation made mostly in Photoshop.

The majority of the information, used in that one, comes from the textbook Biological Science, 4th Edition by Scott Freeman.

Click here for enlarging >>

#biology #human_body #infographics #skeletal_muscle
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Eli Fennell originally shared to My Memes:
+Cynthia Boris I hope this helps.
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Very Nice Custom Case for iPhone Lovers with optional attaching wallet!  Case & Wallet Mating Pair ~ Special holiday discount now!
Excellent Custom Case for iPhone Lovers with optional attaching wallet!  Case & Wallet Mating Pair ~ Special holiday discount now!
This high quality iPhone case with premium leather wallet makes a great gift! The case and wallet can be used together or independently as needed. For iPhone 5/5s/4/4s! 
Custom Wallet design offers ergonomic integration with iBillfold2 Credit Card Case. The case alone will hold your ID and cards, or attach to the wallet with 4 interior card pockets, interior bill clip, 2 exterior card pockets and magnetic clasp to keep wallet securely closed
iPhone Case provides easy access to all buttons and ports and is constructed with fortified flexible polymer for lightweight & durable protection. Flush elevation with iPhone face to maintain touch and swipe functionality. #iphone #iphonecase #apple #smartphones #tech #iphone5s
Our iPhone Credit Card Case & Wallet Mating Pair from iBillfold2 are perfect for all your needs. The Case & Wallet can be used together or alone as needed. Premium Leather Billfold Ergonomic integration with iBillfold2 Credit Card Case 4 interior card pockets 1 interior bill clip 2 exterior card pockets Magnetic clasp to keep wallet securely closed When your hands first touch our fine quality litchee leather you will be very delighted. iPhone 4...
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