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Tim Pratt
A writer of various things.
A writer of various things.

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Simon Owens interviewed me about my self-publishing experiments for PBS's MediaShift:

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15 hours to go on m Kickstarter for the next Marla Mason novel, Grim Tides. I'm only $52 away from breaking $11,000!

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Just broke $10K on the Grim Tides Kickstarter. WHOOOO!

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Basement Stories #4, which features "Sugarplum Karma" by my Clarion West classmate +Stephen Blount as well as work from +Tim Pratt, also holds my far future sf story featuring Victoria Woodhull as a sales representative for time travel.

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Hey, awesome: Grim Tides is on the front page of Kickstarter this morning (down at the bottom) as the featured Fiction project!

154% funded. But more would be nice! If I break $10K I'll commission an original cover painting.

My good cover karma continues. Behold the pretty for Venom In Her Veins:

Earthquake around 11:30 last night, big enough to notice (only 3.6 or something though). Another earthquake moments ago, rattling the office for a second or two. Is falling into the ocean a legitimate reason to blow a short fiction deadline?

Exhausting week, and it's only Tuesday. The magazine goes to press tomorrow. In theory I'm off work on Thursday, though even then it's wall-to-wall errands and delayed writing work. Going to Worldcon was fun, but it did rather wrench around my routines and bump a lot of necessary actions forward in time. And, drat, here I am, in that future. Cursed linear experience of time.

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The Kickstarter for Grim Tides has passed $8500! If I hit $10K, I'll commission original cover art. (Not by Dan Dos Santos -- both affordability and availability mitigate against him, alas -- but he recommended an artist he works with who is awesome and has read my Marla Mason books.)

Behold the pretty: Dan Dos Santos art for Bone Shop and Broken Mirrors, commissioned for the upcoming audio editions:
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