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Tagline is my creative way of supporting "We The People..."

No one can argue with the 3 most powerful words ever written in the American Constitution, “United We Stand.”

I believe “We” all need to come together and be involved. Nothing will change until “We the People” actively participate in our own self-determination. That is what America once stood for – I for one, would like to see more of our countrymen and women wake up, stand up, and unite together.

I invite you to visit and peruse the various designs of America’s 50 States including in its form of United States - “AMERICA.” I ask graciously that you share this with others who may see the intrinsic value of the message - “United We Stand!”

 The idea…..

 The two most prevalent forms of communication are audio and visual. Unite them for a more powerful message.

“United We Stand!” Is a simple marketing tool to deliver a message to millions on a vehicle of symbolic visualization – a “T-shirt” – Stars, Stripes, and individual STATES.

If you want people to rally behind a message, you need strong visualizations.  Find a simply form of delivery and it can spread like wildfire. Keep the message constant and people will begin to believe it. Like a heartbeat… it has to be constant and carry a strong beat to stay alive. The message will carry more weight when it is backed by “numbers” – one million supporters carry more weight to any issue than just a few voices. 

The American persona was founded on a declaration of unity. People standing together to be counted is a very powerful civics lesson - “United We Stand!” The understanding that “together – United” We can make a difference – United, We can be heard. Visuals can turn up the volume on any message without damaging an eardrum. A visual can become a powerful magnifier.

Consider a rally of 100-1000 people on the steps of your state capitol or the ‘White House.” There will be a large number of hodgepodge and mismatched articles of clothing that speaks psychologically of confusion. Dress those same people with “United We Stand!” t-shirts and the rally becomes a more powerful message. “United We Stand!” behind this bill, this event, this candidate…etc. It loudly proclaims – “We” come in numbers because “We” believe in the message and together “We” have found common ground.

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