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Mathieu Plourde
LMS Project Leader (Sakai deployment) at the U. of Delaware. Instructional Designer, Educational Technologist, Web 2.0 and Open Education Evangelist, Wiki Geek, Sakai Fellow.
LMS Project Leader (Sakai deployment) at the U. of Delaware. Instructional Designer, Educational Technologist, Web 2.0 and Open Education Evangelist, Wiki Geek, Sakai Fellow.

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I'll be live streaming with +Margaret Grotti on Monday, November 7, from 12:00 p.m. to 1 p.m. ET.

Finding, Evaluating, and Adopting an Open Textbook

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+Phil Hill adding his voice to a piece on #Bisk 's founder. As a new employee, it's sad that I never got the chance to meet him.

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Mediated friendship
Today's Generation be like 😅

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At least, some people are talking about privacy and security, but not student agency and ownership. #bigdata +Audrey Watters +Phil Hill +George Station +Laura Gibbs 

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Pushing this important conversation from +Alan Levine #ACA
I am One of 30,000,000…
"My name is Alan Levine. I am self-employed, I am Type 1 diabetic, and since 2013 I have counted on ACA to be a productive, healthy citizen — My own is the first of 30 Million Stories that I hope fill this site. See the stories collected so far (right now, it’s not many, I need your help)."
+Alan Levine is not just a great online teacher/mentor and the inventor of the famous pechaflickr (, he is also one of the 30,000,000 people who gonna lose their health insurance because of the actions of some ruthless ruling criminals some strange beings (just my personal opinion) in the US of A. And he provides a platform to share your story.

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Nice and to the point. Thanks +Ian O'Byrne for the share!

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I am glad to have found the article in my library's database - The Relationship Between Research and Teaching: A Meta-Analysis by John Hattie and H.W. Marsh - below is a nifty chart which attempts to capture some of the issues addressed. The article is definitely worth reading - prior to the presentation of data, they offer "three arguments supporting a negative relationship between research and teaching, two arguments supporting a positive relationship, and then three arguments advocating a zero relationship." Since measuring "teaching" is such a crazy thing to do really, I'm not so interested in the meta-analysis per se, but the arguments are very useful. I'm most persuaded by the scarcity model as they call it: the scarcity of time and energy should result in a negative relationship between teaching and research or at best a zero relationship. That's certainly what I see on my campus, where there are also abundant rewards, both extrinsic and intrinsic, for research, but only intrinsic rewards for spending time/energy on teaching (the article actually spins that out as a separate model: divergent reward system). I am also sympathetic to the differential personality model which emphasizes the different personality traits of researchers and teachers (I definitely have a more teacherly personality). 
Thanks again to +Edward Oneill for the share. Article details:

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Reshare from +Doug Holton

Pinging the usual suspects. +George Station +Laura Gibbs +Donna Murdoch +Roz Hussin +Liz Stevenson

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"... the reports really show that the shift to a contingent academic work force was motivated by economic (and, I would argue, political) concerns -- disempowering the faculty by making them economically precarious of course reduces their influence and weakens shared governance, giving administrators more power."

"savings on instructional spending were being used at public four-year colleges to increase administrative spending"

"the shift to contingent faculty was not guided by research on quality of education and what actually works to enhance and support student learning. Economic concerns have always been primary, whether deliberate or in response to some imposed austerity"

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