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Growth in Social Media Use Covers both Young and Old.

When working with a new Internet marketing client, there’s always one part of the meeting where people kind of go, meh.  Most of the people we talk to know about Facebook, and might even have a Facebook account.  They just don’t use it themselves, or just believe only their kids use it.  That was sort of true in the early years.  The Pew Research Center, non-profit, non-partisan organization, has been tracking Social Media usage since the beginning.  It’s called the Pew Internet & American Life Project, and this year’s data has just been released.  You can view the whole thing in the link below, or look below for some highlights.
• First, 72% of online adults use social networking sites.  In 2005, it was 8%.  When it comes to your web marketing, social media is just too big to ignore.

• Next, 43% of online adults using social networking are over the age of 65.  So, yes, it is a younger crowd overall, but exclusive by any means to just kids.  Most of the growth in older demos has come in the last few years.

• The percentage of internet users who are on Twitter is about 18% double what it was in 2009.  Twitter usage among Internet users ages 18-29 is much higher, about 30%.
So, while Twitter is growing, it’s still not a huge on line media.  Just don’t overlook it in the future.
• The 18-29 year old age group uses social media the most, but all ages, all , ethnicities, and all income levels are using it.
Social Media is too big to ignore.  How long before you competition realizes this and starts to serve this large group of buyers you are completely ignoring.  Let’s get over the idea that Facebook is just for kids, and start building our social marketing efforts today.  You can sign up for Facebook free here, or you can work with an internet marketing company like King Marketing who can help you get started, and work with you month to month on your social marketing.
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Consumer Confidence is Soaring.

The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index®  jumped 69.0 in April  to 76.2 for May, an increase well beyond what most analysts were expecting.
We’ve seen houses being built.  We’re seeing cars flying off the sales lots.  We’re even seeing help wanted signs starting to show up here and there.
But now, we have the facts.  Consumers, the main drivers of our economy, are in a good mood, and when they are in a good mood, they spend money, and drive the economy upward.
This increase in consumer confidence, the second monthly gain in a row, comes in spite of the payroll tax increase and the sequester spending cuts.
For businesses, it’s time to stop “recession-doom and gloom” type of thinking.  It’s time to expand your inventory, re-start your advertising, update your website, and start planning for success.
OK, it’s not exactly “Happy Day’s are Here Again,”  but if consumer confidence is growing, and keeps growing, we may finally be on the highway to recovery, and you don’t want to be the guy stalled out along the shoulder watching everyone else speed by.
You can read more about the latest Conference Board survey by clicking the link. 
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Online Video Ads Usage Explodes in December.

In November of last year, Americans watched 10.3 billion video ads on line.  That’s a huge number for an ad media that only came into being a few years ago.
But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  In December, the number jumped upward by another billion to 11.3 billion ad views.   Video ads accounted for almost a fourth of all videos viewed on line in December.
As we’ve said before, people love watching videos on line.
Banner ads are the most common type of web advertising out there now.  It’s simple, and cheap.  The problem is that recent studies show these generate very few click-throughs, and most click-throughs come from the same small group of users. Apparently there is a small group that likes to click, and a larger group that never does.
With video ads, people see your message, just as they do on TV.  They can, and do click on your ad to go to your website to learn more about you.  So it isn’t far fetched to believe that in time, all web advertising will be video advertising.
We can produce your online video ad, and place it into your market, and aim it at your demographic, all for a lot less than a TV campaign, and not much more than a simple (and not that effective) banner ad.
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Local Radio versus the Internet…A battle heading for a car near you.

So, recently we wrote about how here in Fort Wayne, IN, the average worker spends about 40 minutes driving to and from work each day, and how about 85% of those drivers are listening to the radio while commuting.  Sounds like a good deal for local radio stations, who have the rapt attention of over a 100,000 drivers for almost an hour every day.  Still radio managers and owners are worried, and what their worried about is the internet.  More and more car companies are offering internet services on the dash board, and that means that commuters will have choices other than their local radio stations.  As you know, you can listen to almost any radio station anywhere in the world on line, or on your smart phone.  And a lot of people listen to music services like Pandora or Spotify, but until now, you needed to be tied to a desktop computer or use your phone to listen to these.  Over the coming years, that will change fast, as internet service becomes common in the American automobile.
Anyway, 83% of the radio managers surveyed said they thought internet radio would be a threat to local radio.  What do you think?  If you had the option right now, would you spend your 20 minute ride to work listening to local radio, or something on line?
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How Long does it take to get to work in Fort Wayne?

According to Arbitron, the company that tracks who’s listening to what radio station, 84% of people driving to or from work are listening to their car radio.  So, just how much time does it take the people ofFort Wayneto get to and from work?  About 21 minutes. That puts the Summit Cityabout in the middle of the pack for commute times.  The longest commutes are for people in Sussex County,New Jersey, part of  the New York metro area, where the average commute time is almost 38 minutes.  Looking for a place to live with the shortest commuting time?  TryGrand Forks,ND, with an averge commute time of 15 minutes.
MostFort Waynecommuters leave the house between 7 and 8am.  If you’d like to see all the data, click here.
An article in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette today (March 7, 2013) discusses 200 Census Data that shows more and more Allen County, Indiana workers are coming from other counties, particularly Whitely and DeKalb counties.  This trend which started many years ago, is likely to increase the average commute time for the market, making it easier for businesses to reach potential buyers for a great amount of time each morning and afternoon.  You can read that article in the link attached.
So, how long is your commute, and do you spend it listening to the radio?
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Serious toned Commercials and The Ravens ruled on Sunday.

When companies invest four million dollars to run a single thirty second commercial in the most viewed sporting event of the season, they expect a big audience, and a big response to their ad.  Last Sunday, Dodge Ram Trucks received both.  It was the third most Super Bowl ever, and one of the largest TV audiences in over twenty years.  Now, the companies that talk with viewers and rate the power of every commercial run during the event, say the most effective ad of the day belonged to Dodge Ram Trucks.  While we often expect to see a lot of humorous ads in the big game, this year, the serious themed commercials scored highest with viewers.  Maybe the funny ads weren’t that funny, or maybe it’s just a reflection of where our collective consciousness is right now.
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Watch Superbowl Ads Here
This year’s Superbowl 47 set an all time viewing record with 48.1 of the US TV market watching.  And that doesn’t count the black out period.
Of course, we really only watch for the commercials, and if you missed any, or want to see some again, you can check them out here.
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Enter the World of “Big Data”

Have you seen or heard of the term “Big Data?”  It’s a term used a lot in the news today as a catch for the digital explosion we’ve undergone over the past few years.  Gian Fulgoni, The Executive Chairman of ComScore, a company that measures the digital world, recently posted this list of interesting digital facts demonstrating the growth of “Big Data:”
Today’s smartphone would have been the most powerful computer in the world in 1985
120 million people in the own smartphones, up 30 million in just the past year
For $600 you can buy a disk that can store all of the world’s music
30+ billion pieces of data are added to Facebook every month
72 hours of video are added to YouTube every minute
By the end of 2012, comScore was capturing 1.4 trillion digital interactions per month
92% of the world’s data was created in just the past two years
30% of banner ads on websites are never seen by end users
All of these impact you if you do the marketing and advertising for your own business.  Certainly the number of smart phones has impacted our world in many ways.  Big stores like Target were getting hurt by smart phones as customers would visit their stores, check out displayed merchandise, then check their smart phone to see if they could get a better price for that item on line.  Usually, they could.  Target was fast becoming a free showroom for Internet Merchandisers like Amazon.  Just recently, Target announced that it was matching on line pricing in their stores in order to stay competitive.  Is this same thing happening to you?
Another fact in the list above talks about the amazing amount of video that’s being added to YouTube by the minute.  Web users, whether or laptops, smart phones, or tablets, love videos.  How many videos do you have posted on YouTube that are also view able on your website?
And finally, don’t let that last stat about banner ads get you down.  The reason not all banner ads are seen is that some get pushed down the page where users never go.  Don’t buy the cheap banner ads that wind up at the bottom of a page.  Go for the ones along the top or upper sides.  They cost more for a reason.  Another stat that went along with this one, is that the average click through rate is about .1%.  That means that 1 out of every thousand users actually click on your banner to visit your website or landing page.  But don’t despair.  Consider that anyone who clicks on your ad probably has an interest in your produce or service, or they wouldn't have clicked at all.  And when you consider the huge numbers of people who are exposed to your banner ad, you still wind up with a fairly sizable number of visitors to your site or landing page.
“Big Data” is too big to ignore.  Digital advertising is the fastest growing segment of all advertising.  You need to jump into the digital pool with your YouTube videos, search engine ads, social media, and online banner ads.  If all of this is a bit new and confusing, remember, that as an internet marketing agency, we here at King Marketing, Inc. partner with businesses in Fort Wayne and Northern Indiana to help them navigate and proft from the world of  “Big Data.”
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There’s a new Gorilla in Town.

In September 2012, there were 289 millions people in the United States who owned at least one TV.
In that same month, there were 278 millions people in the United States using the internet.
This according to Nielsen’s U.S. Consumer Usage Report for 2012.  People spend a lot more time watching TV, however, than they do using the internet.  The average person watches almost 145 hours of TV each month, spending only 28-1/2 hours a month on line.
That gives any TV advertiser plenty of opportunity to reach their target market.
But now, the internet has become a major player in the attention span of consumers.  And the trend is for people to watch TV while surfing their smart phones and tablets.
The take away here is that things are changing.  It’s not that TV advertising is no longer effective.  It’s more like you need a good internet strategy to work along with your TV advertising.
Or, to put it another way, TV is still the 2,000 pound gorilla, while the internet has become the 1,000 pound gorilla.  You simply can’t ignore either one of them.
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