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Seventy-two years ago today, the United States was thrust into World War II by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

The debate had been raging for years as to whether or not America should enter The War. December 7th ended that controversy and ultimately the fate of the Axis Powers.

It wasn't easy. The price was extremely high. But the many seemingly insurmountable problems we faced in early December 1941 were eventually solved. 

We give tribute to all those who gave so much in the defense of liberty so that so many of us might live free. 

And I believe that with that freedom so dearly won, we have a responsibility to live our best life—to make it really count. I think our fallen heroes would have wanted that. 

May this date truly live in infamy—for hundreds of years to come.
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Spotted in the San Francisco Google office. Happy 50th anniversary to all the Whovians out there. #SaveTheDay #DW50 #DoctorWho  
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Thoughts and musings about Google Plus...

Why are You on Google+?

There have been many discussions on the Plus since the beginning about the motives that move us to be active on the platform. A lot of to-ing and fro-ing, for and against, mainly on creating an ‘audience’ or as many people as possible to circle you.

Like +Guy Kawasaki  stated in his book ‘What the Plus’:
All those saying they do not want more followers are lying.

Makes sense, or otherwise they wouldn’t be on this platform and posting in Public. Right?

I only post stuff with an image or a link that shows a nice pic

I have made quite a lot of tests since the beginning of Google+ in trying to find out which types of posts get the most attention.

- enhanced a 'boring' text with a funny image that has nothing to do with the text, as 'bait'
- used a serious image with a serious post
- used a tl;dr texted image fitting the topic, telling the gist already
- used screenshots to better bring out a link or idea that I'm sharing

Many others use informational images with texts about the topic, especially when longer posts are concerned. 

Why long posts and images?

It’s perhaps just that people from FB or Twitter are not used to the longer posts that naturally are shared on Google+. The use of images hardly kills the discussion, especially within your own circles.

I know that many popular posts have their share of the LOL’s and WOW’s but we must remember, there are scores of Google+ users with little or no English and it’s the only way they can show their appreciation.
Also, many users only have access to a mobile device where lengthy comments are really awkward to make.

Why is the use of images to enhance a post considered wrong by some?

Some people seem to worry that images in the stream are making us dumber, that we just gaze at them flickering by. Bold headlines are okay to them but when everyone’s using those, what will make that one shared post stand out in the fast moving stream?
If, as they say, they really don’t even care, why are they here or even contributing to this conversation? If only the core friend’s circle is enough for meaningful discussions?

What is it that makes you want to know more and click to open the post? An image is a very powerful attention gainer.

Is Google+ supposed to be the podium only for Anglophiles?

Do we write to our peers or to the world in general?
I really do like insightful and long posts about any topic that the writer is passionate about. I try to do my own thing too when sharing these opinions and teaching newcomers about Google+.

What I pay attention to is the language I use: Simplified English that is easy to understand. Trying to avoid difficult words that you need to check from a dictionary is one thing.

Remembering that Google Translate only works well with the languages sharing the same root, is another. Translating text from English to Finnish or vice versa is quite a task, mostly it seems to come out as gibberish.

Why would you care about getting a bigger following?

Since the dawn of time (July 2011) there has been in existence a very loudly represented sect of people who abhor the idea of someone getting more (than they?) people to circle them.
This is an abomination and no-one should be paying any attention to the ‘following’.
Dear me if someone has actively been working on organically growing their ‘fan base’...

Why is it wrong (according to some) to grow your audience on Google+?

Perhaps you are an entrepreneur, illustrator or a photographer. A writer who’d like their next e-book to find the audience from within the like-minded people who follow their Google+ posts?

What is wrong with you or anyone gathering the aforementioned like-minded people and sharing ideas with them? Nothing! You are not forcing anyone to circle you...

Why can’t we let people find their own use for Google+?

There seems to be a movement towards a more conservative (dull?) use of the platform by self-proclaimed wordsmiths  who abhor the use of any kinds of ‘tricks’ like images to gain more readers and / or followers. Whoring, selling yourself, or mind-tricking are the terms they use.
Why? Because of their own reluctance or disability to use the images?
I say live and let live. Nobody’s right or wrong here. Each to their own.

There is no must on Google+

Is there only one correct way to use the platform?

Of course not. Many power users publish various types of posts from cat gifs to thoughtful musings to tech news to advice. it doesn’t have to be just the one topic always, share what you like and appreciate or find interesting.

None of us are always in the same frame of mind or mood so why not let it show in our streams: Music videos, funny images, serious posts, advisory stuff, a bit of self-promotion and even those dreaded Caturday gifs...
Which I personally happen to like, so there.

Funnies rule

Based on my research (FYI only), the 'What's Hot' seems to pick up those 'funnies': Before a few months even more than now. The WH and it's content has been changed to contain more of the 'Photography' and Google / News but still there's a percentage of the lighter motif posts.

You can see for yourself how 'lighter' or life advice sharing posts with images have dominated all the time: Here are my public photo posts starting from the most popular. Just change your own ID to the URL and you can check yours. This is a great tool by +Jari Huomo

Here's another way to see the stats, in a Timeline style:

If you cannot see the posts it's because the daily API calls have been used.  Then try again tomorrow.

Now let us think of all those people not so fluent in English who would like to expand their horizons and / or audiences: What ways are there for them to express their feelings or insights if not with the aid of images?

I really want to leave you with this comment by +Ethan Smith  that I happen to agree with:

“I worry about us dumbing down, but after some good discussions, I think this photo craze will simply augment our words. They say that switching sensory modes extends your attention span, so perhaps with pictures stapled in, we will read longer and more insightful posts than before.”

I have been conducting tests on Google+ since August 2011: The outcome is, add an image if you want to be noticed in the stream. All based on my lengthy research.

Summa summarum

Like +Johan Horak wrote,
Proper images for text rich writers are a must if they want more people to their good stuff. If on the other hand they don't want more... then.....

I wholeheartedly agree, attracting NEW people is easier if the post catches the eye of many. Even the funnies serve a purpose as with those come new followers who from then on will read your more serious / advisory posts, too.

We all have our own likes & preferences: What may seem an excellent post to you, might be a terrible bore for someone else. But if any one writer would like to expand their reader base, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. Or why are you here if not for your audience?

Let’s not be small-minded and just think about ourselves, but let our minds wonder to the Circleverse...

I see myself as a Google+ researcher:

I want to find out what works, how and for whom. This is why I question things and try to get to the bottom of them. Then I use my experience and the things I’ve learned to help other people to get more out of their Google+ use.

What do you think about all this?

Cheers, from +Jaana Nyström 

#Plushelp      #Googleplustips  
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John Angier

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YouTube went down for a bit but it's OK now. The NFL and MLB are gunning for Aereo, programmatic buying is the new deal for video advertising and Slingbox owners get a Roku bolt on. All this and more from ReelSEO's daily news round up.

Read More at:

#youtube #onlinevideo #aereo  
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John Angier

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Snowy Owl by James Boardman-Woodend

#fridaynightphotos   #snowyowl   #owls  
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Import RED footage in ACES workflow
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Achieving corporate success with video does not necessarily require 1 million YouTube views. Sometimes a well-calculated strike to your target audience from a credible expert can make all the difference, even when that audience is relatively small.

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Next Friday night I plan to be in a theater watching "The Christmas Candle" with my family! I hope you will be too! 
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