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A question about how tckgen operates when setting:
-seed_random_per_voxel anIMG aNumber

In this case, aNumber sets the total number of seeding attempts at each voxel? Is there a way to either a) enforce a set number of (successful) streamlines from each voxel or b) define a maximum number of attempts to generate a maximum number of successful streamlines when using this option?

I am looking for something similar to what was in the previous version (.2.12), where maxnum could be set to 0 to continually generate streamlines until the desired number were successful.



I was planning to downsample my relatively large tck files to a more manageable size with tckedit -downsample, but have run into an issue with further processing. Running tckedit to extract streamlines from the downsampled file results in the following error:

tckedit: [ERROR] error converting string ""

where the character between the "" is, I believe, ascii 02. (unfortunately it does not show up when pasted here)

When checking the tck file header, this character is in the output_step_size line.

It seems that I can get around this by manually replacing the special character by a single digit. Is this the correct way to proceed? As far as I could tell, the output_step_size variable does not seem to be needed in further processing pipelines.

many thanks for the great software, and for sharing it prior to full release!
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