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It is a miracle that we have the scriptures. Really, it is! They are the records of people from thousands of years ago and we have them today, to guide us and bring us closer to God. In addition, we are blessed to have more than one book of scripture that t...

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Dating and Marriage
On your mission, you taught about the plan of salvation. How family relationships can last much longer than this life, but for eternity. This is possible through the sealing power of the priesthood which is only  available  in holy Temples that now dot the ...

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Managing Your Time
I am probably the worst person in the wor ld to write about this topic. Ask anyone who knows me! Managing time wisely has been a life long struggle for me . However, I am always trying to get better and improve in this area! :) Even though you may not be a ...

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Maintaining the Spirit
I this is the goal of my everyday life; to have the Spirit with me always. In other words, to maintain the spirit, to feel the Holy Ghost, to know that I am doing good, and to know that I am keeping my covenants. When I was on my mission, I had the Spirit w...

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Life is a sea upon which the proud are humbled, the shirker is exposed, and the leader is revealed. To sail it safely and reach your desired port, you need to keep your charts at hand and up-to-date. You need to learn by the experience of others, to stand firm for principles, to broaden your interests, to be understanding of the rights of others to sail the same sea, and to be reliable in the discharge of your duty.
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