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With the new DM Quest package now available, let's all agree to remember to read carefully the part where it says "post it to your PERSONAL profile". NOT to this group!

If anyone seeing this wants a copy of Legend of Grimrock on Steam, post your steam profile below (or PM it). I have three copies to give away.

Been running Hammers of the God as a one off for my current regular gaming group, that collectively haven't played anything outside of 3.5, the most recent star wars RPG, and one of the modern Warhammer RPGs. It's been hilarious watching them get used to some of the old school mentality.

One aspect they took to almost instantly, though, was the XP from wealth bit. Soon as I said that, they started looting every damn thing that wasn't nailed down. Then they looted the nails. Then everything else.

Even the pair of stainless steel doors off of Mar-Rune's tomb, lol.

I just witnessed a car that had two bumper stickers on it:

1. The Triforce, and
2. The emblem of the Galactic Empire

On one level I feel this is a person I could share some interests with and potentially be friends. But on another, I think they are maybe a little too morally flexible for my tastes!

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Ritual of Scrying has been changed slightly from last season, in the aims of reducing the amount of channel flood from #DMQuests .

Selfies and/or quest card pics should be posted to your personal profiles, as stated in the quest instructions document (see pic).

With this change hopefully we can keep actual discussions about the game we all love from being drowned in a sea of basically the same image over and over again, heh.


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Season 5 has begun, and with it, new DM Quests!

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#DMQuests so it begins..

As funny as it is a commentary on how few people use g+ I cannot let this space remain blank!

Today another core book was retired. My PHB's binding has failed, just like my MM's did a few months ago, heh.

+Dyson Logos, I finally got around to finishing that form-fillable version of the 5e permanent character record, seven months later.. heh.
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