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Epic Road Trip Day 8
And on our way again, but this time at our speed and with no
social obligations whatsoever, if one doesn’t count the elephant seals! Monday, May 1st after a walk and breakfast at home we left by 9h30 and K
says “hey we got off before 10” to which I replied ...

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Epic Road trip Day 7
Sunday morning, April 30th, but no sleeping in, the three women went to Farmstead again for coffee where J.
found us. Slowly looked for more breakfast down Main St. but finally simply
bought bread and fruit in a grocery store before returning to cousin J’s ...

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Epic Road Trip – Day 6
A more leisurely awakening that fine Saturday morning as we
were spending two nights at our cousin’s in St.Helena, Napa Valley. My sister’s
husband had had too much to do so he came late that morning instead of Fri.
night and it was “just” the three of us w...

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Epic Road Trip – Day 5
After a wee pause to take the second loop of our road trip… Backtracking to Friday April 28 th , we had
breakfast at our hotel in Eureka and were on the road by 9h15 headed back to
Ferndale to check out the cemetery, truly one of the more unique that I have...

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Epic Road Trip Day 4
Thursday and how lovely not to have to pack up to change
hotels: one of the advantages of not being able to continue along the coast. We
headed North from Eureka to see Lady Bird Johnson grove and finally take a walk
amongst the redwoods. park entrance The ...

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Epic Road Trip - Day 3
Due to various circumstances day number three is now almost 5 days ago... Day 3 of the sister's epic road trip had us getting up at friends D & K. I was early so figured out the fancy capsule coffee machine (I would advertise, but have forgotten the name) a...

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The Epic Road Trip – Day 2
Breakfast – deluxe and delicious – even liked
the plates so much that I switched to get the one I wanted (tulip motif). This
is only a part of what was on offering: bless you P and J! Then it was a short walk along the paved
trail surrounding the gated comm...

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The Epic Road Trip – Day 1
When I decided to return to California this
spring, I started listing all the relatives and friends that I “had” to see.
The list grew and grew. Then my sister retired and all of a sudden it became
the Sister’s Epic Road Trip.   Two loops – one North and on...

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The chicken came first…
In this story at least.   At home I have an egg delivery service – six fresh
eggs every month duly delivered to my “milk” box.   This year I have had trouble using even those
as I had bought more when I was planning on entertaining after Christmas, then

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1964 song, People Who Need People ,
composed by Jule Styne and Bob Merrill, made Barbra Streisand a star.   “But first be a person Who needs people. People who need people Are the luckiest people In the world! “ As much as I sometimes need a day or two ...
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