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A. Chernow

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I don't really use this G+ account anymore.....  Or well G+. If you want to circle me at my primary account, go for it.
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A. Chernow

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Chicago is so pretty :) #twt  
John Hancock Building ~ Chicago

My #assignmentforjake  for this week:  Hi...You did so well on your last one, I am going to go easy with you on this one. 

At times, I miss my home of Chicago.  I want you to send me a reminder of the good things the city had to offer.  I can be the Pizza, it can be the waterfront, or the city skyline from the planetarium.  Its up to you.  I just want to see my sweet home Chicago.   

So, there were two photowalk events today and when I first got downtown I had it in my head that I was going to shoot my assignment.  Well, we all got to shooting and socializing and having some fun and I completely forgot about my assignment!  On the "L" ride home with +Jayme Spoolstra she asked if I got my shot for my assignment....I just laughed and said oh my gosh, I hope so!!  I totally forgot!  

But, in the end I did get my shot.  For Jake, the iconic Hancock Building - the best view of the city is from the Signature Lounge on the 95th floor!  So cheers +Jake Johnson here is a little reminder of the City of Big Shoulders, the Windy City....Sweet Home Chicago!  I hope you like it!

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A. Chernow

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A. Chernow

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Aww cute.  Wait.... NO!!!   #twt  
This beats the Ponies anyday.
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A. Chernow

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Best cover ever!
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Agreed! I've really enjoyed following Chris on G+ for the last few months. He's posted a ton of cool stuff!
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A. Chernow

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I would marry this girl
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A. Chernow

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Yup. #twt
mal n bisschen PR kucken am Morgen
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A. Chernow

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Eisenhower was a conservative Republican president, a five star general in WWII, in office as President of America for 8 years. This is a direct quote from him. It speaks volumes as to the state of the Republican party today.

#MittRomney   #PaulRyan   #politics  
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-COMPLETELY taken out of context! Go ahead and actually READ the presidential paper that comes from.  He's speaking pragmatically, he's not agreeing with liberal politics.  You can see he's a staunch conservative right from the fourth paragraph.

-He also said: "Another point: I hope that you will never permit an honest difference of opinion or judgment, rooted in a good conscience, to become in your mind a wall between you and other Americans. Among humans, it is far too easy to condemn as dishonest or stupid or even criminal those who differ with us, forgetting that they too may be, in their motives and their purposes, as honorable as we."

-Which seems a whole heck of a lot like what I hear now-a-days from nigh everyone who considers themselves "political".

-Seriously, stop painting Republicans/Conservatives with the very brush that YOU say they paint YOU with!  This isn't politics, it's name calling but more long-winded and with a better vocabulary.
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A. Chernow

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Some people need a flowchart...

#lgbt   #lgbtq   #gayrights   #equality   #civilrights   #homosexuality  
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While many people actually have no idea why it is they believe in "traditional marriage" or whatever buzz-phrase makes them feel credible - This image is horrifically shallow in its treatment of the subject.  This isn't a place to be pedantic, so I won't leave some long-winded polemic picking apart the image, but I will say this:  Nearly every answer on this chart proves that whoever wrote it knows next to nothing about the stance they're arguing against.  If the point of this image is to tell those opposed to gay marriage to get their facts straight - Take your own advice because your answers aren't just nonsense, they're plain factually wrong.
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I’m a Director, Editor, Videographer, Web Ninja & Geek originally from the Chicago area.

A lot of what I post here is my own opinions, FYI.
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I once D/TD'd 5 1/2 hours of severe storm coverage....straight!
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