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Ctenoides ales, a bivalve that also goes by the names "electric flame scallop" and "fire clam." This invertebrate, which can be found off the coast of the eastern Pacific Rim around Indonesia and Japan, manipulates the highly reflective tissue on its mantle in a wave-like motion, which gives the impression that an electrical arc is pulsing throughout its body. This one below, caught on video around the Lembeh dive sites. For a quick less than a minute close up look check the link.海のクリスマス - Christmas of the sea

It's not entirely clear what purpose this artificial electric pulse serves, but this flashy display could be a means to ward off predators.

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That's quite a show! I wouldn't mind having an aquarium with a couple of those...
The movement reminds me of the waviness of the circumventing fin of some squid species (looks a bit like the bobtail squid).
That's another superb thing to add to my ever-growing list (that Rich is at least partly responsible for) of fantastical things that I could never imagine seeing ^^
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