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Signals Crop 2 by Casey Reas in collaboration with Ben Fry.

This is a 2x time-lapse sequence from software that constructs images from protein relationships within a cell. The image was translated into a mural for building 76 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Cell behavior is controlled by interconnected proteins operating in a network to actively transmit instructions. These networks become dysfunctional in cancerous cells. In this image, each graphical cluster represents signals between networked proteins in a cancer cell as they change over time. Individual arcs are signals from one protein to another; the size of an arc corresponds to the magnitude of the signal. Signaling data provided by the laboratory of Professor Michael Yaffe.

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A cool find +Rich Pollett! Strangely captivating...
Casey Reas and Ben Fry created the Processing programming language for visualizations - their book by the same name that serves as an introduction and guide to the language is fascinating reading for someone (like me) with an interest in visual design and programming. In another life, I would want to do something along those lines - and do what I could to work at MIT Media Lab :)
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