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Melvin the Mini Machine is a Rube Goldberg machine specifically built to travel the world. Conveniently built in two old suitcases. Each time Melvin fully completes a run, he ‘signs’ a postcard and sticks a stamp to it — making it ready to be sent. Melvin the Mini Machine also has an online non-physical side which he uses to connect to the people he meets. To keep things truly mobile Melvin uses a smartphone for his online identity. I do love this kind of fun and creative project and the engineering that goes along with it. For a nice breakdown of what's involved in the chain reaction check out:
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i'm glad to see that thom yorke's twin brother has overcome his sibling jealousy to build a life of his own.
Yeah thanks Rich, now I've got that dorky jingle in my head. ahhhhh! :)
Actually, it's a pretty good tune, that's why it stuck. (Like gum under your shoe.)
I understand it happens like that at times Jim. :)
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