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Saw a T-shirt with this once: "There are only two things I love: dopomine and serotonin."
By the way, I think noradrenaline has some relation with depression. I took some pills that were inhibidors of serotonine and norepinephrine captation.
+Cheryl Ann MacDonald I had to look up in a dictionary because US medical series talked a lot about shooting epinephrine, but I had never heard about it anywhere else.
It's one of those substances discovered and so named twice, like cafeine (aka teine), but here the US choose a different name.
+Víktor Bautista i Roca although all of my education is from the US I really think I was taught these terms when I was in nursing school (I don't want to tell you how long ago :)) 
I am educated in the U.S. and often the text books use the adrenaline term, but in practice EMS, Nurses, and Dr. use Epi and NorEpi.
I really wish it was this easy! But then again, Neuroscientists like me would be obsolete.
Post doc right +Ryan M. Smith?  I wish it was this easy too, but the basics are important to learn for the general population. Agree
They missed out Caffeine and Nicotine.
They rule my life!
Ken S
I want to hump all the time. Testosterone?
Wait, so people who are low on mana have anxiety?
+Ken Sharp, testosterone is a steroid hormone from the androgen group in the body, not from the brain chemistry set. 
Nope, just an illustration of basic brain chemistry, as far as I can tell. 
Mario+ Peter Pan + Yoda + Sofa + Jose Ole + BJ Upton + Steve Jobs + Uncle Sam + Elmo + Rob Thomas = Chad Copenhagen 
Caffine &cortisol are needed to complete the rainbow :).  Also need a U shapped test tube for bi-polar.
Indeed ,we all are packets of neurons and this is that's all. Imbalances in quantities of all these neurological secretions causes all psychos conditions , that's what people normally says about persons affected by imbalances in these neurons secretions in brain. What about acytlcholine its imbalances also causes some psychosomatic diseases. 
What about Anandamide... The human body equivilent of THC in low dose?
'Brutal and misleading'? Thou doth protest too much. It's an entertaining little graphic and not meant to replace a university education.
REALLY love your illustration ,now how do i feel today ,what colours apply :)
Similar to +Jim Cavera, the one I saw was "dopamine and serotonin - technically the only two things you enjoy..."
Sorry didn't c the whole picture. Still like it. Was a counselor. And I understand it. 
mix them and see...................................................
Nice post. What can I eat to naturally increase serotonin :) There's a chicken and egg situation here. For example, does serotonin increase happiness or happiness increase serotonin? 
+Alexander Courtness They call them tactical because the nuke payload is small enough to be used in combat for small-scale damage.
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