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The 9/11 attack on the embassy in Benghazi, Libya was a catastrophic blow to the American people. An ambassador and security team gave their lives that day.  The real tragedy has been how the Obama Administration has attempted to cover up the fact it was a terrorist attack and later the fact they refused to call it a terrorist attack.  After the attack Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Press Secretary to President Obama and the US Ambassador to the United Nations went out and told the world that this attack was a result of a protest against America due to a video that was released insulting Muslims and it just got out of hand.  In fact President Obama went on The Tonight Show, The Late Show and The View and repeated that this was indeed the result of this video.  President Obama went to the United Nations and gave a speech condemning the video and 6 times stating that the attack was because of the now infamous video.  

As time went by, a different story was emerging.  The President of Libya 24 hours after the attack told the world it was a terrorist attack.  Leaks from the State Department and other departments within the "Intelligence Community" started surfacing, all saying the same thing, this was a terrorist attack on the United States. These leaks directly contradicted the Administration's dialogue.  Within a week, members of the State Department started to publicly  call it a terrorist attack and even Hillary Clinton changed her tune a week later agreeing, that the attack on the US Embassy was a result of terrorism.  President Obama and through his surrogate Jay Carney, the Press Secretary continued to blame the video.

Fast forward to the second Presidential Debate where Governor Romney directly challenged President Obama on this matter.  President Obama suddenly changed his story.  He stated he ALWAYS had called it a terrorist attack and told Candy Crowley to "check the record" referring to a speech he gave in the Rose Garden on 9/12.  In this speech he used the phrase "acts of terror".  This of course set off a fire storm where some people like Jay Carney said, "Of course he meant terrorism!" while opponents of President Obama claimed "acts of terror" was used in a more broad way, that didn't refer to this specific attack.  The story coming out of the Obama Administration changed from the attack was due to a video, to President Obama always considered it a terrorist act and it was the Intelligence Community, specifically the State Department and the Department of Defense that was providing confusing if not inaccurate information.  The main point however, was that the President had ALWAYS considered the attack an act of terror.

Today, CBS finally released the FULL interview it had with President Obama which was conducted within 48 hours of the attack on the Embassy in Benghazi.  In it, the reported directly asked President Obama, "Was this a terrorist attack?"  President Obama responded, "It is too early to tell."  This question and answer was edited out of the original airing by CBS.  CBS stated it didn't consider the question relevant at the time.  Once the whole question of was it a terrorist attack or not came up, CBS wanted to release the full interview including the question they had asked President Obama.  The White House begged CBS not to air it and for a while CBS didn't.   Well now we know why the White House didn't want this out there, because it shows in no uncertain terms that President Obama either didn't want to admit it was a terrorist attack 48 hours later or truly believed it was due to the video.  Of course we see now he has lied. He has lied either during the second Presidential debate where he claims he always said it was a terrorist attack, or he was lying to the world all the times he stated on the Tonight Show, Letterman, the View and the UN.

The simple fact is, when the attack happened, President Obama didn't want to have to admit to a terrorist attack on his watch so close to the Presidential Election, so his Administration tried to down play it.  When this didn't work, he had to distance himself from the people that had "incorrectly characterized" the attack, despite the fact that 2 of the 3 directly reports to the President, Jay Carney who is the mouthpiece of the President and Hillary Clinton.  

President Obama wants you to ignore the man behind the curtain, yet as each day passes we find more and more lies under the tapestry of stories he has spun.The sad thing is Americans are forgiving people, remember Bill Clinton's "i did not have sexual relations with that woman?"  If he would have come out immediately and said it was a mistake, it was tragic, he would investigate where it all went wrong and would not rest until he got who was responsible, he would be leading this race by 10 points.  Instead he attempted to deflect and alter the truth, then tried to cover up the deflections, then lied about ever tryign to be deceptive and now is trying to cover up and redirect the fact he lied to begin with.  Economic and jobs aside, I could almost say Obama really had a rough hand dealt to him, despite the fact he had 2 years with a majority in the House of Republicans and a Super majority in the Senate, however once he outright lies to the world because of politics and the fact he wants to win re-election and the fact his lies are about Americans who died serving their country...all this shows that he is not fit to lead the free world any longer.

You lied President Obama, you were caught, it is time for you to go away.  If for some reason you manage to get a second term, expect the Republicans to attempt to impeach you once the truth is made available.  You'll be saved by the Senate, but you will go down in history as the third President to be impeached and history will remember you as the one who fucked up on Libya.

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Here is  a very fascinating article about the Benghazi attack from Newsweek after it interviewed a man actually there.  The problem is it shows how many holes are in the Obama Administration's story.

It was an interesting debate last night.  I would say neither candidate blew the other out of the water, both had their strong points and in the end i'd give this a draw.  By draw I mean that means Obama wins because of his complete failure the first debate. OBama's team so down played his performance the first time, all Obama had to do was show up and not vomit on his shoes and he'd be the winner.

Two things to point out are the women in Obama's life, Hillary and Candy one has given him grief the other saved his ass.  Hillary coming out and taking responsibility the day before for the Bengazi debacle meant Obama HAD to come out and accept responsibility, otherwise he would have been shown up by his Secretary of State who did the right thing by taking responsibility.  So Obama had to do something he never did before, take responsibility. It was a masterful move by Hillary who now showed herself as a true leader, where Obama failed to lead.

Candy on the other hand, jumped in to save Obama by fact checking Romney in favour of Obama..while it worked, it turned out she was completely WRONG and even said so after the debate.  Course she is walking it back saying while what she said and what the President said in the Rose Garden on 9/12 were not exactly the same, it was close enough.. BZZZZZT WRONG.  Calling something an "Act of Terror" implies terrorism.  saying "Acts of terror" when there was only one, implies a broader use of the term.  And if Obama did really believe it was terrorism, why did he have Jay Carney his Press Secretary, Hillary Clinton, The US Ambassador and himself go out for the next week PLUS and say it was the video?

Mark my word, debate is on Monday and this subject will be front and center.  This will be the item that will cause Obama to lose this election.  Why? He lied about it, tried to cover it up, then when he was caught, hemmed and hawed about it trying to call for an investigation that woudl go beyond the election while only taking responsibility when he was forced to.  People don't like cover ups and they hate being lied to.

It is amazing..well not really.  Not one of my Democrat friends has commented on this shit storm of a situation concerning the 9/11 attack on the embassy in Libya.  They don't want to think about the fact that the President of the United States and the Secretary of State both lied to the American people and in the end one of them is STILL lying to the American people and the world. 

For 11 days they claimed the attack was NOT terror but the result of a crowd incited by a video, despite the fact that the State department watched the attack live from a satellite.  They watched it when it happened, they called up for resources to garner more information which can ONLY be called up when a terrorist activity has occurred.   One after another, State department officials and employees have come forward to swear before a House committee, what they saw, what they did and who they told. 

It is simple politics, the Obama administration didn't want to admit to a terrorist act on their watch. They lied to the American people, sent out their Sec of State, the Ambassador to the UN, Jay Carney and countless others to all denounce this movie and to blame it on the movie

In the end if you look at the time line, the State Dept had a satellite overhead and was watching the event live within 30 minutes of the first call that happened.  That call by the way, "ALERT ALERT! We are under attack." 

It happened, it was unfortunate, but seriously Obama, take responsibility for something once in your life.  This isn't Bush's Fault, this isn't the House or Congress... you are the guy in charge, it falls on you, sir.  Take the responsibility and then move to fix it.  Oh wait, I forgot, Obama runs from every bit of responsibility unless it is the good kind, like he himself got Osama bin Ladin.  He took plenty of credit for that one.

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If you have ever been bullied or known someone who has, please read this story. It will make you cry and hopefully will move you to action to help those who cannot help themselves.

+Indigo C. Hey I gotta question.  What do you think of this State Department coming out and saying that it knew the 9/11 attack was terrorism and yet Hillary, Obama, US ambassador and Jay Carney all said it was due to  the movie/tape.  It took 8 days for the administration to finally admit to it and now these hearing are so full of partisian bull shit on both sides I don't even know why they bother...

The problem is, the State Department is saying, the State Department is NOT to be blamed for misleading the American public.  Then a Colonel says today that despite the Ambassador to Libya's request to give more and more protection, the State Department removed 2 divisions of people in August.  This whole thing is absolutely insane.

From 9/11 to today, the White House KNEW up front by the people who investigate this stuff in the State Department, that this was a terrorist action.  They even classified it as terrorism because they needed to access resources and could only do so if they classified as such.  So the White House and Hillary Clinton both seemingly lied to the American people or at the very least are guilty of trying to cover this stuff up.

Right now there are really only two possibilities.  First.  Obama directed Hillary to cover it up and she followed orders, in which case she can come back and resign properly saying she didn't do anything wrong but was following orders and she can no longer serve under the President.  Or second, Hillary really messed up, she acted on her own to try and save the administration and Obama will have to get rid of her, which in case he does, her political aspirations for the Presidency in 2016 is done.

Either way, this entire situation is insane.  It has been so poorly mismanaged that even Anderson Cooper and Chris Mathews are scratching their heads not sure what has happened.  This situation could very well turn the election.

I was watching a car chase on TV and they had a 5 second delay but still it didn't stop them from accidentally showing the guy running out of the car, putting a gun to his head and shooting himself dead.  I'm stunned and a bit disturbed by it.  I can't blame the network, live TV even with a delay mistakes can happen and wow....i can only think that in the future car chases will be viewed differently from now on.

Obama sure can give a speech.  He can rally the constituents like i haven't seen before. Unfortunately I didn't hear anything really new.  He said he never said it would be easy, but he actually made several promises that fell by the way side.  Is it his fault?  Partially but he shouldn't have made those promises like unemployment below 8% if he couldn't deliver.

Overall it was short on substance.  The quote i think that sums both conventions up is "Politicians campaign in poetry but govern in prose."

+Indigo C. Been thinking about this over the weekend.  Over the past month I've been reading your posts about the Republican party and I think I realize the problem....Tea Party people are not true Republicans, they are RINOs (Republican in Name Only).  They are the far far far right on the political spectrum.  After Bush left office, Conservatives as a whole were pissed off because Bush spent like Democrats, they governed further towards the center and vacated many of the ideals Conservatives hold true, one of the main things is larger government and spending more than what ou take in.

The Tea Party grew out of these ill feelings.  Conservatives liked several things the Tea Party offered which included smaller government, fiscal spending and such...the problem is they had baggage many true Conservatives didn't like.  To take back the House of Representatives, the Tea Party had to call themselves Republicans because as a third party they would never get elected.  The Republicans welcomed them with open arms because without them they wouldn't get the majority.  Both needed the other.   Once the 2010 elections were over, the Tea Party had their agenda and often threatened to use their members to hold things up if the changes they wanted weren't included.  The Republicans often caved to their demands.

Jump forward and many Republicans are shying away now from the Tea Party.  This last primary season, many Republicans ran against Tea Party folk to try and take their seats away, some were successful.  The problem is this "marriage" has been made and people like the Koch brothers are setting the agenda for the Republican party, which is why Mitt Romney has gone against the "official Republican Platform" on issues like abortion. 

It is my hope that in the next few years the Republicans can learn to act like Republicans.. fiscally Conservative and shy away from the far right folks.  I say this because true Republicans have no issues with black or hispanic people. They have no problem with women or other minorities.  Unfortunately it is the squeaky wheel of the Tea Party that gets the news organizations "grease", for whenever one of their crazy people speak, it is put out there in full print and on page one.   It may take a few cycles, but I think the Tea Party will be phased out, but the principles that made them challengers, smaller government, fiscal spending, stronger military and a stronger USA will resonate with people and these items will merge back into the Republican Party, once again making them the true Conservatives they should be.

So I sat in front of the TV today watching MSNBC and CNN, alternating between the two to see how they reported on the Republican Convention.  Wow.  I'm left with the impression it is like it is okay for a black person to use the N-word when talking to/about another black person, but a white person can't say it without it being racist.  The same thing here, the pundents were saying things like, "Sure they put up some brown-faced people and some token black persons, but it is all for show. Those people that went up either are renouncing their race or are being paid a helluva lot to sell out." 

Okay first.. brown-faced people? You mean hispanics?   Token black people?  Condelesa Rice former Secretary of State of the United States of America and the first black Governor of the US are 'token black people?"  It really seems that when these Democrat supports say things like this, it is okay. If a Republican would say it, they would be denounced as racist.  It is sorta like Joe Biden's remarks, it is okay.  

There was also no reporting on either channel of the radio announcer who was caught on an open mic saying, "The Republicans are having a party while black people are drowning."  This man was fired, but no reporting of it.  The fact is after today I'm convinced that there are racists in the Democrat party, just like there are in the Republican party, yet they are more tolerated in the Democrat party so long as they are denouncing Republican minorities.

These were just a couple of examples of what I heard, but I can tell you every chance anyone got to point out how the Republicans were pandering to women, black persons, hispanics, they took it.  So much so they even claimed that Paul Ryan's former girl friend he dated, a black person, only dated her so later he could claim he wasn't a racist.  WTF?  Where do they come up with this?  Paul Ryan dated this lovely gal (who may not agree with Paul Ryan but wishes him no ill will) so that many years later he could run for VP and claim he isn't a racist?  I can't even make this stuff up that is how out there. 

I think what I love the most is when people state that Republicans have "code words" for racist stuff.  For example when a Republican uses the word "Chicago." they mean "Obama is associating himself with all the illegal stuff. (thanks Chris Mathews)  Strange most of Chicago gangsters were white people. A Republican can't say the word "angry" or it may just mean "angry black man".  "Golf" .. Really Golf.  Lawerence O said, “Obama equals Tiger Woods equals RACISM.”  The best sign I saw at the Republican Convention was the one that said, "Anything I say, the LEFT will call it RACISM.

This is how the left harbours malcontent and fear mongering.  They know that this election will come down to the Independents and there is about 6-8% who are undecided, THAT amount will decide the election.  If you notice, over and over and over it is the Democrats who bring up racism and yet it is their own people who are their worst offenders.  Isn't that right Mr. Vice President? or are you forgetting your "7-11 Indian people Remark" or the Preaching from the pulpit "put ya'll back in chains." remark?
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