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glad to see you are still cooking!

I just experienced an unassisted miscarriage at 12 weeks. This is my second miscarriage, the last one I was a primipara, this time I'm a grand multipara- really all the circumstances around this one are so much different, I'm having a much easier time accepting things emotionally this time. I want to date the placenta- got placenta and sac, but no visible remains of a baby or cord, seems to indicate that I've just been growing placenta for quite some time. Any resources for figuring out placental gestational age would be appreciated

brief introduction- my husband and I have 7 children, our oldest was born at home with midwives, the youngest 6 were all born at home via UC. 6 on land and the youngest was a waterbirth. Been a member (often offline) of cbirth since 1999- grateful for Kathleen's invitation and the opportunity to participate in the birth of an online UC support group in a new venue, Google+
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