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Broadcast Journalist,blogger,writer,wife,mother,poet,fine artist,fashion designer
Broadcast Journalist,blogger,writer,wife,mother,poet,fine artist,fashion designer


The input of the Nigerian Navy during the 2019 elections to riverine area is a good gesture worthy of emulation even though it is one of their responsibility, their cooperation is greatly needed more than ever,I aplaude them.
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Turn 3,000 naira into a Never Ending Source of Income
It is no longer news that there is economic recession the world over with a drop in stock market profit, loss of Jobs leading to increased unemployment and no buying confidence of the common man! There is good news in the house, this is the most unique onli...
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There is recession in Nigeria and this is no news, however most of us prefer to complain instead of channeling our energy towards seeking legitimate ways of cushioning its effect especially with regards to FOOD!A hungry is an angry man hence here is an opportunity to change your situation for good!This is "Operation Say No to Hunger in Nigeria" Sign up now with just 6,400 naira to start receiving these foods items and more on weekly/monthly basis and save more money for other projects!
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While Many People Dream of Becoming a Better Person Than the Previous Year, Only a Few actually Do it.
While Many People Dream of Quitting their Job and Starting their Own Business, Only a Few actually do it.
WHY Is It That Some People Are not as Successful as Others?
BECAUSE the Power of their Excuses are More Powerful than their DREAMS.
1. FEAR.
2. I don't have the Money (who has?).
3. I don't have any contacts to start with (Really?).
4. I'm not smart enough (You have crowned yourself as a mumu)
5. I can't talk (Are you dumb?)
6. I don't have the time (Yet you have the time to wake up at 5am and get dressed in the traffic)
7. I'm too busy (Doing what exactly?).
8. It takes too long to build a business (But you envy Dangote)
9. I'm afraid. Building a business is too risky for me (Is eating not risky? Is sleeping not risky, people hv died in their sleep).
10. I don't like dealing with people ( Mr Island... I greet You your Excellency)
11. I'm too old ( Colonel Sanders started @ 65yrs)
12. Waiting for all the lights to be GREEN (lights turn green when you press the button)
13. MY husband, my wife, my parents didn't support it (They don't support You to be broke either but You are).
14. My job is too demanding and I travel a lot (Arik Wings of Africa)
15. I'm not good at Marketing.
16. No, it's Network. I can't do it. (But you spread gossip but can't spread a business that will better your life?)
17. I'm not a professional (who was born a professional?)
But if they were the deciding factor, nobody would ever succeed.
For every reason why it's not possible, there are hundreds of people who have faced the same circumstances and succeeded.
Lots of people overcome these so-called limiting factors, so it can't be the limiting factors that limit you.
It's not the external conditions and circumstances that stop you- it's YOU!
We stop ourselves! We think limiting thoughts and engage in self-defeating behaviour.
Now get up, get out & take ACTION
Food for thought......whatsapp 07051435258 lets show you a new financial door that will change your life in this second half of the year.sign up on facebook

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We are all saddled everyday with the malady of increased food prices in the market even Garri that used to be poorman's savior can no longer save him!On top of that you have friends and relatives who pester you each day to give them food or money,here is how to create your own food ware house, empower you hungry relative and save more money for other projects, click to learn more

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Operation "Say No to Hunger" with just 6,500 naira!
Tori will always baje in our beloved country Naija! Food items now take the bulk of the family income in every home due to the continuous increase in the prices of food! This scenario as painted by some traders in the market stems from what I hear them say ...
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Nigeria's Economic Recession Declared Over:Join the Prosperity Wagon!
There is a popular church song we sing in Nigeria that goes thus "people dey ask me say,na wetin dey make me shine,I just dey tell dem say na Jesus dey make me shine!"if anyone had told me earlier this year that this song will have another version relating ...
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25 Interesting Facts about Nigeria/ Nigerians
Nigeria, a country blessed with
approximately 160 million people stands as the giant of Africa and the seventh
most populous nation in the world. Nigeria continues to attract people from
neighbouring countries and foreign investors alike, as it is one of th...
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Top 5 ideas for Lent 2017
Is Easter not more special? We often spend
so much energy and money on Christmas that we sort of fall into Easter without
spending time prior to this beautiful event, contemplating, preparing our
hearts and been mindful. Do you celebrate Lent every year, th...
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Travel Fitness Tips: How to stay fit when travelling for work by Mariam Barry
                                             Photo credit: Hey fitfam, the only time to work up a
sweat shouldn’t be when you have almost missed an important flight. I totally
understand that staying motivated enough for any ...
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