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Jacky G
reviewed 2 months ago
AMAZING AND LIFE CHANGING!!!!! I've been a loyal member of Krav Maga Houston North for almost 3 years (2011)!! I am extremely PROUD to be part of such an outstanding community. To be honest, I never thought I would become so addicted- this is my second home:) My Crossfit coaches, Krav Maga instructors, and staff are outstanding and determined to help us members reach our goals. This place is enormous and has something for everyone! For the record, I am a married woman, have my civil engineering degree, am an entrepreneur who has successfully owned 2 businesses, and love being an advanced senior student at Krav Maga Houston North Oh, and I have NEVER been injured, all the coaches and instructors are extremely well trained and attentive. I am very confident that if I ever felt a threat for my life, I would be able to defend myself without hesitation. Ladies- we don't want to be in a vulnerable position (rape)- If someone broke into your house and tried to hurt your kids, spouse, or yourself- YOU WILL DEFEND YOUR SELF WITH KRAV MAGA. We have couples, and people of all ages who come here to get fit and learn how to stay alive. I WILL GO HOME - My attacker (GOD forbid it ever happens) would regret messing with me. Please don't let false negative reviews deter you from trying this place out. I have nothing but respect for my instructors, and fellow students. Try this place out- you will be glad you did!
• • •
kagero tanaka
reviewed 4 months ago
This review is specifically for the North Houston location. Let's start off with the good, the actual Krav Maga class I attended was awesome! The instructor was engaging and attentive and recognized the fact that some people were beginners and was very helpful and mindful of this and took out time in class to personal demonstrate the techniques and moves. Overall, tough but great instructor. This is why this place gets one star from me for the awesome Krav Maga classes. On the other hand, the extreme fitness class was a total fail. The instructor was not engaging at all with most of the students, and there was minimum instruction, and she seemed really bothered whenever people asked for help. Here's what got me, I came in excited because I was looking for something to help supplement my muay thai training. Thought Krav Maga would just the thing, but boy was I wrong. Once I got there and signed that contract, I became another number to add to their bottom-line. In fact, whenever I invited a friend to come along with me to try out a class, the general manager not only made us wait an hour to speak with him, but he acted like we were bothering him. I haven't stepped in the gym in over 5 months and I have yet to receive a courtesy call or email for the matter asking about how I was enjoying the gym or it's services. But, then again maybe I'm just spoiled by the fact that the gym I train with for muay thai does that and seems to care about its members. One of my biggest complaints is how in the world are you recommending and even allowing people to take classes such as extreme fitness, if they've never picked up a kettle bell before, this can be very dangerous for someone inexperienced to just go in there and just to use one. How can a gym just recommend a person that hasn't worked out in awhile to try something out like so? I started doing some personal training at another local gym and was absolutely amazed by the better quality and instruction, and PROPER training a person needs for training with equipment like kettle bells. I would only recommend this place for the Krav Maga, as people said maybe the instructors at night are better or actually care about their students. The general manager needs a serious attitude adjustment, but in the end it's just proved to be another gym that cares more for the money and meeting their bottom-line. Needless to say I won't be going back!
• • •
Dan Sartain
reviewed 11 months ago
If you're looking to get in shape, defend yourself and your loved ones. You need to join Krav Maga Houston and learn from the best in Texas! The knowledge, training and instruction (which actually work) has made me stronger and more confident in my defense and in how I handle highly stressed, dangerous situations. It has far exceeded anything I've ever done (Tae Kwon Do, Kokondo)!!! I just want say to CJ and his gifted staff of instructors, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!
• • •
Rose Ivy's profile photo
Rose Ivy
reviewed 3 months ago
Run away from the location in Spring! This place is a decent size for a gym, but the people who run it are a joke. Josh, the GM, set an appt. calling me several times to make sure I was still coming, but then was a no show when I came in... As a business owner, this was complete lack of respect for a client's time (no wonder he's not at 24 hr fitness). Instead, I met this young guy who nervously goes through his whole cheesy, sloppy sales presentation. Then he proceeded to scribble on a scrap of paper the prices and enrollment, lying about how I couldn't try the gym to see me and my husband liked it...until I show him a mailer we received giving a free trial week. He told me technically I would have to prepay a minimum of 6 months (laughable) for something I haven't even tried. Seriously?! I felt like it was the 80's when I was hearing his sales pitch. I was waiting for the guy in neon parachute pants to show up, or a sleazy manager waiting the wings for a T.O. I would never ever pay the $200 A MONTH that they are asking to interact with the unprofessional people running this facility. As a former personal trainer, you could hire a qualified trainer for a fraction of the cost, 100% attention, and a more personalized program if you want to try CrossFit. Plus, there are plenty of places that offer classes similar to Krav Maga. I would stick to the regular gym and pay for unique classes that don't require a contract, hundreds of dollars, and ones that actually have true professionals working there. UPDATE: Josh actually had the nerve to call me for a follow-up and explained he didn't wait for me because he didn't think I would show up for my appointment. Wow. Unprofessionalism at its best!
• • •
Karina Valle's profile photo
Karina Valle
reviewed 4 months ago
We love this place! The Fit & Fearless Kids program is amazing! My kids have learned so much in such a short time & it has done wonders for their confidence. They're always so excited to go to their class. And the instructors are phenomenal!
Israel Isassi's profile photo
Israel Isassi
reviewed a year ago
I've been a student since February 2012 and have enjoyed every minute of it. The 2-hour intro class will give you a good understanding of the effectiveness of Krav Maga, and what to expect in your training. The culture at Krav Maga Houston is great in the level of focus and attention by the instructors. The instructors and students are all excellent at helping you to improve, and to insure your safety during training. Every question I have asked has been met with a solid and honest answer. I typically attend 2-3 days per week, but sometimes make it 4 days. Krav Maga and the people at Krav Maga Houston make it an enjoyable and possibly even addictive experience. I feel confident in saying that whatever self-defense you know and how good you are at it, Krav Maga Houston will make you better.
• • •