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This just looks like a lot of fun. $50 for an iPhone-controlled heli. Birthdaylisted.
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I got one. It IS fun. Takes a little while to get used to, though; there's a half-second delay between your control input on your iOS device, and the response from the heli... much like when I flick the screen of my Android device and see it scroll a half-second later.
+Mike Caskey Half-second, eh? That could be disastrous for the observers of my stunning heli flight skills.
Don't let safety keep you from your flying dreams. It's still a lot of fun. You might just want to consider handing out eye protection for your spectators. Add a BYOS (bring your own sunglasses) to your heli flying event flyers.
It needs a camera, so you can feel like you're in the cockpit!
Now we're talking. So then you'd be able to see where you're going, even if you aren't in the same room as the heli, which might actually be a lot safer! Kinda like the AR Drone. Add to that, a sunglasses-mounted screen to double as a viewer (and eye protection).
That looks like a lot of fun, Cameron I'm sure the boys would love it also
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