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What Story Will Leave Behind?
What Story Will Leave Behind?

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Meet Some Special Orphans Who Need Sponsors
By, Crystal S. Kauffman , Staff
Writer © Kakande Muhamad Meet a Volunteer: Kakande Muhamad I am Kakande Muhamad
and I am a volunteer, who is running the Reallife Orphanage Home .
I am a native thirty-two-year-old, who is currently caring for twenty children...

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Come guest blog for for me. 

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Hire me now!

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Learn more about this amazing orphanage and the sweet children that live there. They need you help and it doesn't take much.

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My First Kiss
  By, Crystal S.Kauffman , Staff Writer   Tonight
I am in exotic bliss, Since,
I experienced my first kiss. As
you walked me to my door, My
lips begged for more. As
I say good night and climb in bed, A
full moon is shining overhead. My
heart is dancing with...

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Please Help Me Save My Childhood Home
By, Crystal S, Kauffman , Staff Writer ©Crystal S. Kauffman About six years
ago, my husband and I began working on an endeavor that would challenge us
financially, emotionally, and spiritually in many ways that we had never
dreamed were possible. We felt we...

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Mesothelioma Awareness and A Story of Survival
By, Crystal S Kauffman , Staff Writer/Heather Von St. James-Guest Blogger/Collaboration ©Heather Von St. James Patients and doctors want to raise awareness for
cancer that is caused by asbestos, which was used in factory and other places
people worked at fo...

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By, Crystal S.Kauffman , Staff Writer ©Vanity Fair Caitlyn Jenner (formerly known as Bruce Jenner) has her own
reality show, which is chronicling her transition from a man into a woman.
Caitlyn or Cait indentify herself as transgender, however she was able ...

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Toddler Friendly Vacation Ideas
©Unknown Family
vacation spots can be fun for older children, but most toddlers are too young
to enjoy the actual vacation destination.   Most toddlers truly are satisfied with the
simple things in life: like camping out, zoos, nature trails, and museums. L...

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12 Unique Hybrid Animals
By, Crystal S.Kauffman , Staff Writer ©Unknown I began wondering about how many hybrids actually exist in
the world, after writing the article about the hybrid big cat named a Liger. I
was completely amazed to see how many hybrids actually do exist thanks t...
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