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dead simple lens resource for the micro 4/3 system
dead simple lens resource for the micro 4/3 system

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I'll post this here as well -

I'm trying to put together a useful resource of all native micro 4/3 lenses at so - if you have used any micro 4/3 lense recently and have a minute or two to write down a sentence-long impression of that lens, I'd greatly appreciate it! (also - any feedback is more than welcome, as it stands, this is a one-man, after-hours project, and I could use any and all advice you guys can provide)

Thanks in advance!

-Quentin (founder of speculess)

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For all who have used some form of a micro four thirds lens recently I'm working on a new "crowd source" (so to speak) lens resource at - I'm hoping that this becomes a really useful resource to you guys as well as to all who are hesitant about the m4/3 standard. 

At any rate, I just joined this community and am looking forward to the shared expertise here as I myself and transitioning into the "mirrorless" world! Cheers!

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Some really great stuff by Douglas Green using the OM-D (via smugmug) 

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Some really awesome nature shots with the OM-D - if you're not sure if this tech can match DSLR quality, these photos (along with a bunch of others out there on the web) should put your mind to rest...

let us know which micro 4/3 lenses you have and which one you want!

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great photo with the olympus 12mm lens!
One More For... Abstractness...

"Long Shadows"... shot from Mount Diablo in Contra Costa County, Cali...

Oly OMD; Oly lens 12mm; f5.6; Exp: 1/640

Hope you like my submission to:

#monochromeworld +Monochrome World curated by +andi rivarola.

#monochromeartyclub +Monochrome Arty Club curated by +Alexius Jørgensen +JR Snyder Jr +June Penn +Seth Mayer and +Steve Tang.

#iabstract +I Abstract curated by +Mark Forman and +Steve Johnson.

#benchsaturday curated by +Rainer M. Ritz.

#m43 #microfourthirds #omdem5  

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Let us know what you think about the micro four thirds lenses in your bag!  

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speculess - a new resource for micro four thirds lenses - is now on google+
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