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Tangible Functional Reactive Programming (Conal Elliott 2007)
A means for closing the rift between Libraries and GUIs.

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"elm": easy maintainable interactive FRP-coding for the browser

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Great talk about our future by Dr. J. Storrs Hall.
(please share)

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IPython a productivity booster that removes many historically evolved obstructions in your work-flow.

Some of its main points are:
* agnostic to output format - less unnecessary work: *.pdf paper, blog-post, ...
* agnostic to programming language - the right tool for the job at hand - (e.g. Haskell - and many more) - See:
* agnostic to operation system - no excluded parties
* applet like interactivity - by coupling to  dynamic javascript objects. (1)
* may help mending the current lack of data visualisations on the web. Data visualisations should allow complex data pre-processing and continuous updating. (2)

1) Sooner or later non interactive publications will probably become dated. 2) Data visualisations are so much more informative than plain numbers because they have a vastly higher bandwidth to our brain and are superior in showing things in context. See e.g. here:

The open source CAS (computer algebra system) sage is one of many projets that uses IPython. See:

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