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At "Geospatial Awareness Day". Only Google...

As much as I love Spotify, there are some things I'd like to see improved:

It's too hard to find music Spotify works great if you know an artist or song to search for, but more often than not I want to listen to a genre or browse by category.
Recommendations There are none right now. It would be great to get recommended artists, tracks, and people to follow.
Audio quality As a premium user, I get "high quality" steaming, but I noticed that the quality still seems inconsistent. This article re-enforces my suspicions that not all the tracks are high quality yet:
Ignore artists or songs I'm subscribed to the Rolling Stone 100 Best Songs of the Decade playlist ( but I never, ever want to hear Randy Newman
Missing songs and albums The selection is great - more than enough to feel like I'm getting good value for my subscription. But the songs that Spotify doesn't have available are made more obvious because they default the Top Lists to show international instead of US-only (much of the missing content is presumably due to labels only releasing certain music outside of the US)
Meta-data is often incorrect Just one example of many I've found -- Kid A was not released in 2008:
Artists aren't de-duped Makes it hard to find what you're looking for:
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