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Kevin Duffan
Top 40 Under 40 Trial Attorney & Legal Analyst for ABC 13 News
Top 40 Under 40 Trial Attorney & Legal Analyst for ABC 13 News

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Companies that do not ensure that their employees know how to do their jobs without putting themselves and others at risk can be held accountable for neglecting essential duties of care.

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Click the link to learn about a client who suffered a motorcycle accident injury.
As Hampton, Virginia car accident injury attorneys we have seen just how much pain and suffering a distracted, reckless or intoxicated driver can inflict on moped and motorcycle riders.

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As Hampton, Virginia wrongful death attorneys we know that the prosecution must prove that the death was caused by the defendant. Also it must be shown that the death came about due to negligence or the strict liability of the defendant for the death.
It's a loss to the whole community of Hampton Roads when a preventable death like this occurs.  But can the family file a wrongful death case against the at-fault driver?

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Dog bites are often the reason for emergency room visits for children.  Click the link to learn about dog bite injury statistics.
Most dog owners say their dog is gentle...however after an attack like this that can be arguable.  Filing and collecting in Virginia on such claims can prove difficult, however, as dog owners can argue that victims provoked dogs into attacking.

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Click the link below to read about our client, a pedestrian, who was struck by a car.  Our firm obtained  $545,000 for his injuries.
A Navy man was left fighting for his life after a hit-and-run driver in Portsmouth, Virgina struck the pedestrian and sped off.

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As Carolina accident attorneys we are often asked," If I'm hit and injured by a train, bus, airplane, or other common carrier vehicle what can I recover for my injuries?" Click here to learn more
The family of the woman who died in the Carolina church van crash may be able to take a claim out against the driver's insurance but not the if the thought of taking a claim out against their church's insurance bothered them.

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To learn more about a VA Tractor-Trailer/Car Crash that resulted in the Wrongful Death of the victim and a $2.4 Million Settlement for his family click the link below.
Sadly this terrible loss of life is not a rare occurrence in North Carolina. Last year, 33 moped riders were killed in Carolina, almost three times as many as five years earlier.

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This isn't the first time birth control pills have been linked with serious injury.  Yaz and Yasmin birth control pills had side effects that included gallstones, stroke, blood clots, symptoms of depression, a breast lump, sudden numbness, confusion, problems with vision, speech, or balance, chest pain, pain spreading to the arm or shoulder, nausea, and sweating.
This study is a red flag for women who took birth control pills which were progestogen only as they were placed at a higher risk for developing the brain cancer.

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Click here to read about a $3.5 Million settlement our NC truck accident injury lawyers obtained for a client.
A large majority of truck accidents probably could have been avoided if one or both of the people involved exercised more care and caution.

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Click here to read about our $700,000 jury verdict in a failure to diagnose medical malpractice case.
Misdiagnosis occurs when the physician doesn’t realize that the patient has a particular medical problem and sends them home with the wrong diagnosis and the wrong treatment plan.
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