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Bruce Luyendyk
Earth scientist, Avocado grower, writer - I advocate strong action on climate change
Earth scientist, Avocado grower, writer - I advocate strong action on climate change

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New research shows Antarctic ice sheets can double the sea level rise this century

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Sea level rise: Antarctica doubles the trouble
On the trail in Marie Byrd Land.  Photo © Bruce Luyendyk  Sea level has been rising for decades, now at an increasing rate. Mostly we don’t notice this except in superstorms and hurricanes, or if we have visited the same beach for decades and wonder why it ...

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What is happening to Antarctic ice shelves and why should we care?
Front of Ross Ice Shelf from research icebreaker Palmer. Photo © Bruce Luyendyk Antarctic ice
shelves are thinning. What are ice shelves and are they important in any way? These
massive floating sheets of ice border over a third of the Antarctic coast.  Ice...

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Professor Numb Nuts in Antarctica
Excerpt from Chapter 16 Blizzard in Fosdick Mountains, Marie Byrd Land. Photo © Steve Richard. [Scene: The Team is now at their deep field
site in the Fosdick Mountains, northern Ford Ranges of Marie Byrd Land. Bruce
and Dave are sharing a Scott tent and ri...

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Two Degrees Global Warming, Geoengineering, West Antarctic Ice Sheet collapse!
A break in the clouds on October 29, 2014, allowed scientists the opportunity to fly over Pine Island Glacier—one of Antarctica’s most rapidly changing areas. The flight was part of NASA’s Operation IceBridge , a mission that makes annual surveys  of Greenl...

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Put-In: Insertion to the Ford Ranges, Marie Byrd Land
Excerpt from Chapter 13 Put-In on Chester snowfield Ford Ranges, Antarctica.  Photo © B. Luyendyk [Scene: A ski-equipped Hercules flies the
Team to the fieldwork area eight hundred miles from McMurdo. Reconnaissance determined
that a snowfield between the C...

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DoD, IPCC, GOP – all spell out trouble
Iceberg in Ross Sea, Antarctica seen from bridge of  icebreaker N.B. Palmer. Photo © Bruce Luyendyk Over the last two weeks significant news
has occurred on the Climate Change front. First was the report from the U.S. Department
of Defense (DoD) on the secu...

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11. Antarctic Snow school, German style
Excerpt from Chapter 11.  GANOVEX VII team practices crevasse rescue at  Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand.  Photo © Bruce Luyendyk  [Scene. Bruce and
Christine are part of a German Antarctic expedition. Before departure for the
Antarctic the GANOVEX ex...

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Antarctica, Sea Level and Santa Barbara
  UC Santa Barbara sits atop a marine terrace bounded by sea cliffs 40 to 50 feet high. Santa Barbara  Airport is in the background. Photo © UCSB Photo Services. In prior posts ( June 9 ; May 20 ) I presented some
of the factors of predicted global sea leve...
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