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Have you been reflecting on your journey and what you have done so far and trying to get clear on what exactly what need to move forward

•        You are a solo-preneur , with lots of certification
•        You have started writing a book but shelved it
•        You have paid for numerous programs on starting your online business but have found a lot of them quite complex to follow
•        You work from home and have less and less work so you constantly worry about your finances.
•        You would like to put yourself out there and help your tribe
•        Your Challenge is largely with technology and getting started and getting your first paying client.
•        You have a website and domain name but again it didn't quite materialize.
•        You are suffering from information overload and overwhelmed.
•        You have a list of all your ideas but have no list. You would like to just start with the first thing to get yourself out there and start building your following and start earning however small.

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Helping Business Succeed Daily

The Business online directory is a business support company providing business networking, social media and website marketing solutions for small businesses.

Our business community provides a learning environment for small business owners, members are able support each other, generate ideas and create new knowledge to grow their business.

Our Business Networking events welcome all start up businesses and current Entrepreneurs who are looking to grow business/ expand business network with incredible trainings, events, networking opportunities, speaking opportunities, Amazing guest speakers and support from the group.

As part of the growth process for the members of The business online directory, we provide coaching and mentoring for business owners.

We believe that we can live the life we want, build the business we desire and we don’t have to do it alone and struggling.

Business can sometimes be daunting especially with the competition out there but with right information,networking, support and openness to give and receive, we are able to succeed in our desired goals.


* Build lasting connections

* Raise your profile

* Business Listing

* Workshops/Trainings

* Coaching/Mentoring Program

* Increase your sales by meeting new people

* Making Business appointments easy

* Network with other businesses online

For find out how we can help you in your business please contact.
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