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I am an accountant and we are NOT boring!
I am an accountant and we are NOT boring!

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Danke Seb! Selection of a few of our best images from the 2014 Abu Dhabi GP, Vettel's last with Red Bull Racing! And btw, Marc Marquez did a Vettel in MotoGP: 

#DankeSeb #F1 #Vettel
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Sometimes it's good to be reminded what a real #F1 engine sounds like.  Such passion.

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Why is man made global warming a hoax? The answer lies within simple logic patterns, you don't need an advanced degree to understand it. Anyone who tries to confuse you with long, jargon filled explanations doesn't know what they're talking about. As Einstein said:"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." That explains the vast majority of our liberal friends who 'believe'.

Alright, on to the meat and potatoes. CO2 is the devil, according to the AGW crowd. CO2 is 0.038% of our atmosphere, that tiny little sliver in the pie graph is to blame for most of the warming, or so they say. That little sliver represents about 380 parts per million of our atmosphere. So every time you breathe in the fresh air, you're breathing in 380 parts CO2 and 999,620 parts everything else. But let's look a little closer.

That little sliver, which is to blame for all of our woes, where does it come from? Obviously, it's evil human beings, right? Wrong. 96% of that little sliver comes from natural sources (mostly the ocean) the remaining 4% comes from man. So, every breath you take is 15.2 parts man made CO2, 364.8 parts natural CO2, and 999,620 parts everything else.

Alright, so we've established how little of our atmosphere is CO2 and how little of that CO2 is man made. However, as they say in pharmacology: 'it's the dose that makes the poison.' So maybe that dastardly CO2 is just so bad that a small increase would have majorly bad effects on our fragile planets temperature. That would hold their whole argument together, I mean, if every 10 ppm raised the temperature 1C, our having raised it 1.5C could be cause for alarm, couldn't it?

Well, unfortunately the AGW proponents run into yet another wall here. See, the warming effects of CO2 are well established. For every doubling of CO2 in the atmosphere the temperature will raise about 1 to 1.2 degrees centigrade. So, we have ~400ppm CO2 currently. If we want to raise our temperature 1C, we have to hit ~800ppm. Man is currently only responsible for 15.2ppm. That means, man would have to increase their CO2 output by about 2500%, just to warm the earth 1 degree. Could you drive your car 25 times the amount you do right now?

So why do the AGW proponents claim we are going to have massive temperature rises? They invented what they call feedback mechanisms, meaning that the earth will react to the changes in atmosphere which will cause it to raise faster than just the established CO2 rate. Seems plausible, right? I mean, the ecosystem is constantly changing and adapting to new players and new strategies employed by those players, so why not CO2? Well, simply put, it just hasn't happened. They estimated that these feedback mechanisms would result in a 3-5C change for a doubling of CO2.

Since 1880, the global temperatures have increased 0.85C according to UCAR. In 1880 the amount of CO2 in the Atmosphere was ~280PPM. This means for a CO2 increase of about 45% (120ppm) we saw a 70% realization of the 1.2C. This means there are feedback mechanisms, but their results are only marginal. At a full doubling of CO2 we would see a 1.6-1.7C change, no where near the 3-5C change that the AGW crowd needs to justify their catastrophic views.

Moreover, Mankind is only responsible for a total of 15.2 ppm, the earth is to blame for the other 384.8 ppm. If you'd like to let the earth know that it should stop producing so much CO2, be my guest, but I doubt it will listen. Much like it didn't listen millions of years ago when CO2 levels in the atmosphere were much higher than they are now.

So there you have it, even though climates do change and chemicals in the air can help it change, it's hardly us lowly human beings that are causing the change. It's really quite funny to think that mankind believes it's powerful enough to change the earth. It's like thinking that if we all jumped at the same time we could knock it out of it's orbital path. It's ludacris.

#globalwarming #hoax

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For all you cc climate change freaks out there 

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Yes yes defund 
Why is the IPCC still being funded....?
The US Congress voted to de-fund this festering nest of cult corruption back in November 2012 but they are still being funded by the Obama administration.
How does this scam work? Why is the Congress being ignored?
#climatechange   #globalwarming  

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Come and see why solar panels are a green energy scam......
...and why you should avoid throwing good money after bad and start to truly save our environment .
Solar panels manufacturing entails some of the most polluting processes on the planet. That's why mass quantities are being build in demographics such as China and India, away from scrutiny by environmental protection laws.
Solar panels have a relatively short lifespan too which means the disposal of them together with associated (highly toxic) battery gear also poses enormous environmental hazards as well as being insanely energy intensive.
Boycott solar panels and this industry and be sure to come visit us soon;
#climatechange   #globalwarming  

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The next time an alarmist tells us that this is the hottest decade on record tell them that the data they are using is flawed.

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NOAA has reached a new low in my book.
Here is their latest findings:
"The combined average temperature over global land and ocean surfaces for May 2014 was the record highest for the month, at 59.93°F (15.54°C) or 1.33°F (0.74°C) above the 20th century average."
"The global land temperature was the fourth highest for May on record, at 2.03°F (1.13°C) above the 20th century average."
BUT - the analysis begins with this statement:
"Note: official monthly data for China were not received in time for inclusion in this analysis. For the purposes of this report, NCDC calculated data for China using daily reports from its GHCN-Daily dataset. When official monthly data are received from China, they will replace the NCDC calculations. The contents of this report will not be altered, but the long-term record at NCDC's Global Temperature Anomalies Page will reflect the official data."
One look at the map can tell you why China's data was "not received".
Anyone else see slight of hand & manipulation? 
#MayGlobalTemperatures   #ClimateChange   #GlobalWarming  
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