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jane cerva
Artist. Writer. Troublemaker.
Artist. Writer. Troublemaker.

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Loves me some George Takei. Just sayin'...

Sold ONE t-shirt and ONE magnet over an 8-hour shift today. Hello, Mud Season!

Homemade ham and lentil soup for dinner. Simmering now. Can't wait, as I am wicked hungry.

Things I don't miss: living in the Midwest during tornado season. My condolences to those who've lost friends and relatives (or their homes or businesses) during the current bout of tornadoes.

Why the hell am I still awake at this hour?

Avalanche guns going this morning. A good sound, given how little snow we've had so far this season...Park City's economy (and my paycheck) are heavily dependent on tourism, which tends to dry up if there's no snow.

███you█████████████████████must have█████████████████total███████trust██████████████████████████████in██████████government██████████████████████████████████████████████obey████████████████


Hey, how's 2012 looking so far? (Er, for those who've already gotten past midnight, that is.)

Rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated. Sadly, I've been without internet at the Asylum for the past few weeks, however, and insanely busy at work. Where did all these tourists come from, anyway? It's not like we have any snow at the moment...

The iTunes at the shop where I work is on a Gogol Bordello kick today. Not that I'm complaining about this, as I'm the one who put the music there...
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